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Saturday, June 27, 2009

bravia S40

adrian sim posted a lead for the S40 bravia at only $399. i was out with the zombie family and when i checked on facebook and we planned to head there in the evening after the day's outing.

only the silver one is on sale. or what is left. adrian later said harvey norman has a same deal too. silver one is pretty cool.

here's the accessories. remote and manuals.

haha, tv in the kitchen. this will prob be the place when my wife or baby sleeps so i can carryon watching a blu-ray or play a ps3 game. that's the purpose of this tv isnt it?

the connection points are pretty standard for sony tvs. 2 hdmi at the rear with 3 comonents, few composite, and a dvi for the pc. a hdmi and a headphone jack at the side. the volume and channel changes are on the top.

a handle is provided for users to self screw to the tv so to lug the tv around. but will it be safe to just hold the handle, i suggest grabbing the bottom and the handle together for a safer lift.

now i'll need a extension cord so i can be more mobile. game on.


LEon said...

Nice Haul! So you putting that in kitchen for good? White color need a lot of maintenance.

sket said...

that's the only color on sale. nope. will bring it from the room to anyplace in the house for instant fix. the room's tv heats up pretty much will disturb the baby and the lving room tv is like public property hence.