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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blu-ray "taken" and "felon". "unborn" blu-ray dont work with ps3

"the unborn" blu-ray i bought yesterday apparently dot work on my ps3. the disc was a regionB disc and a confirmation it was a region free or region ABC disc. it had worked with the distributor's player, HVN, which i called them. i called MJ regards to this issue and they allow me to swap the disc with another title from any of their branches as long as i have the receipt.

i took 20mins to finally come down to "felon" at the amk branch. i had wanted to rent this movie, the trailer mde the movie good, but perhaps dont warrant a blu-ray collection. i've also finally commited on "taken" from mel lim, $48.

the story is that the latest ps3 update had disallowed BD-50 regionB disc to be played on regionA players. hope this issue is solved in future updates.


woodhead said...

Same case when i bought couple of BD in australia, only to find out later that all worked except for Nightmare before Christmas coz of the region thingy.

Ragnarok-Ex said...

sorry to heard that manzzz....looks like now have to be careful of future purchases

sket said...

gotta stay away from non-regionA disc. but i'm glad "Felon" is a good movie.