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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

E71 for elaine + nice data plan by M1

bought this phone for my wife last nite. i've tested adelene's which is a grey version. i bloody hated the menus. i suggested to my wife we test it out at a nokia shop b4 committing ourselves at M1.

think lucas must be wondering why his parents arent home. they have landed themselves at M1shop at Plaza Sing. we bought the nokia phone E71 white, a great price, $248 recontracting, and a great data plan capped at $36+ at 7.2Mbps download and 2Mbps upload. tho my phone aint a wide screen i too on the spot subscribed to the same VAS [value added service] with monthly $5.35 for a little 20MB data and same capped at $36.38, inclusive subs = unlimited surfing via GPRS on the phone.

should i buy one for myself? is E63 suitable for me w/o the GPS? the song remains the same, overspending simon.

we hooked it up in the train immediately, the phone was amazing. elaine got use to the software instantly despite our phobia for symbian OS, surfing to our hearts content. we were sold.

my phone wasnt left out yesterday evening, he too was awarded with a new cozy pouch.

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