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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sideshow utapau clonetrooper

the sideshow shocktrooper pre-orders are opened and perhaps closed already. but a sleeper that slip thru my radar was utapau clonetrooper by sideshow.

this figure colors were not released by medicom as yet so sideshow is 1UP this time.

using hot toys inner body sure put a seal of "can buy" 12inch figures.

i'm no fond of mint, sure?

i saw it last nite while getting the triad lola. the price is right at $150 a pop.

utapau clone trooper poses with stormtrooper.

utapau clone trooper poses with mr bean.

my ipod transfer cable has gone missing. bought one 3rd party one at $19. ex. bought a moshi pouch for my phone too.

hope 2day marks a break for purchases .....


desmond said...

Sket, congratulation for your score today :P

LEon said...

Sket ever think of recycling the box. I mean the box art is nice. Maybe you can cut it out and paste on the wall somewhere. I know I would. LOL

sket said...

thx desmond.

leon i used to keep the boxes until i really run out of spaces. will prob keep it when i move out to a new place.