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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

hot toys T-700

finally got my hands on a T-700 by hot toys. i smsed crazitoys andrew and he said he still have a piece.

i've been watching the terminator series and started with the sarah chornicles, all on the advantageous blu-ray format. i had intended just to go hmv for my scouting b4 meeting up with elaine. made some phone calls and some smses lead me to the knowledge of the availability of the T-700 locally.

no sign of Wrestlemania 25 on blu-ray format yet in town, bought uninvited, a movie elaine wanted to watch in the movies but we couldnt find the time to. was gonna get rom mellim at $50, but i paid the penalty price at hmv.

when i arrived china square, i saw former U-toys shop at level1 has a big cartoon box with the terminator salvation printed over.

andrew sold me my figure with the cupboard case. the toy box itself is made of styrofoam. comes with a cut-out slip to hold them inplace.

the figure is , eh naked. no weapons or anything, just figure and figure stand. this T-700 fought John Connor and Marcus Wright at the final showdown in the movie. many pple have thing it was the T-800 they fought, cos John Connor mentioned it's a T-800 when he first visited the skynet factory. but really, it's the T-700 they encounter.

figure stand is pretty neat ....

the t-700 factory will be in soon .... and there's the T-600 proto that i'm keen. i will skip the normal T-600 as i would rather have a skin wrapped version, jut like the movie, rather than the one hot toys will issue, just the rattling gun and the endoskeleton.


LEon said...

If im not wrong, T-800 is the one that John Connor send back in time in T2.

I have yet to get a T-800 Exo-skeleton myself. Not looking for 12 inches but maybe NECA one will do. LOL No space.

I enjoy watching sarah connor chronicles as well. That more of beginning of Skynet.

sket said...

yep. some debate going on T-700 was scrapped from the movie. perhaps john connor never encounter a T-700 and his previous kinship was with arnold in his youth, twice, the T-800, hence he deduced it was a T-800 factory. we'll, guess we'll see in part2 of Terminator Salvation.

desmond said...

Sket, I think the one fought with Marcus and John at the ending scene is T-800. T-700 only showed in the beginning of the story when John came out from a helicopter and he stepped on it.

sket said...

Thats a good explanation. Will me watching it again real soon

Joshua said...

to filter all doubts away, helicopter landing terminator was a t600. You can differentiate terminators via their headsculpt. T 600s are distinctively different from the 700/800.

the T 800s are the ones seen at the end. The one seen where john conner sneaks past into skynet is a t600. the one with gattling gun at skynet before being destroyed is a t600. one that chased join at heli crash scene also t600

now to the controversial part.

ARE THERE ANY T700S IN THE FILM?? according to what John says via script dialogue. No. He stated the factory was a t800 factory. Furtheremore intro scenes of blueprints and plans taken from skynet show the produciton of t800s with new skin sheaths.

so arnie and the factory would be t800s ''TECHNICALLY''

however to judge the chronology and accuracy with T2s. The terminator factory terminators and arnie ''terminator'' are a head taller than john connor. way bulkier by the shoulders. and i can say with certainty having watched the show 3 in cinema for 3 straight days to confirm my musings.

HOWEVER, note that the intro screen where john got the plans about skynet and found the t800 plans...WAS labelled with (prototype) which could possibly explain the existance of HOT TOY'S t700...which could be the ''prototype of t800'' only unnamed in the movie. which led to this big hallebaluhh...

just by thoughs i am a terminator geek!lol

sket said...

good explanation. T-700 are indeed protos of T-800

desmond said...

I trust Joshua cos he is a super fan of Terminator..