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Monday, June 22, 2009

triad lola [bad] pictures

lola comes with a bag with detachable teddy, a leather weapon holster, a bomb and match with flame, and ATAC subs. these weapons looks pretty cool. the little ammo can be slotted into the magazine with spring action. i only slot 1 in each clip.

lola and spare hands

the face sculpt is pretty good. rooted hair is like quite a hot trend amongst 12inch collectors of late.

the pair of spare hands has a small hole that makes it tough to fit the ball joint on the wrist into the hands. had used blu-tag for this pose.

lola and her uzis, i think ....

lola with mr bean, who else.

and lola poses with a stormtrooper


LEon said...

Lola look quite old for a student...:P

sket said...

oh that for sure .... more like dressed up for fantasy

desmond said...

I like the top of Lola, she looks hot and sexy. Besides, all her accessories are well made especially to the detachable teddy bear back pack..Nice!!