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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sideshow Stormtrooper

as my mum continue to go mentally unsound, and the weather burns all pyschotic souls, i have the priviledge to open up my sideshow stormtrooper today.

have i been working hard, as in work alot of late, me the fucking lazy bastard, or age is right at my toes. exerciseless lifestyle certainly catch up on my stamina and mental endurance. taking 2days off this weekend for lucas' rotavirus oral appointment and a break from my stride is much required. and the opportunity to sit down and rip apart the sideshow stormtrooper at a steady pace is sure mind calming.

heaven has a place for those that follows god. but does god forgives christian sinners who are blinded and never repent? is blindness by the stresses of life an excuse to sin? only death will questions be answered. and will i fear slow death? will i forgive blind sinners?

poor lighting or lazy boy photography indoors on a DSLR results in shaky blur photos. i asked for it, lazy boy. i'll celebrate children's day anytime, the child in me will never grow old, but 2mrw is my first father's day. ok, so i bought some toys.

simple nice packaging, very american, but i really have no room to keep a box. best leave this boy in the box mint, but i'll love to meddle with it, move some joints, strike a artificial pose.

the usual gatefold, a neat design. ST bubbled up inside, neckless, like my brother.

that's all we get, the sideshow exclusive comes with the stun gun, a neat extra. but mine's the norm version.

the belt is quite neat to be a removable part. some of his armor is held up by the belt. it'll be good to modify this chap with more elastic bands to hold the armor in place. oh has the chest plate is bulky. besides the bulky chest plate, the pvc rifle holster is the parts i dislike of this figure. many of my pvc based figures are in disintegration phase.

the joints are indeed loose, looser than usually 12inch figures, but saying that it makes this baddie so playable. i'm glad i got it. the neckless portion isnt much a hassle as toy guru from toy haven has showed us how to deal with it. and thanks to shaun again for clarifying that the inner suit is cloth but not pvc material.

the blaster is similar to the sideshow new hope luke. this ST's one has slightly a little more color detailing.

no space means no space .... trash. cant wait to have my own space, then it's time to keep the cool boxes.

ok time to strike a pose .....

and with a friend ....

sorry for anyone to sit thru any animosity and vulgaration. it's not the best of days. no excuse.


desmond said...

I like the last photo, i.e. Stormtrooper with Mr BEAN..

sket said...

thx .... mr bean seems to be appearing everywhere of late.