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Monday, June 22, 2009

2009, replacement phone and triad lola

this year isnt too much a year for me.

major strangeness to my mother's behavior.

car broke down, serious engine overhaul.

phone lost.

no promotion at work.

the last mis"event" makes me wonder how mediocre i am at work. a care-less and careless staff, never carried balls, never seen enuff at work, never over helpful, not a natural leader but a jester. well, wait is the only thing i can do, for next july for the next promotion season, b4 i get branded as condemned. have 2 air incident on my belt, i flex my bicep to flaunt, only to be the truth i am no good. so maybe i dress better, is that my fucking fault? see u next time, but in the meantime, time to hunt for a better job.

aside, this year is a beautiful year on a personal level. lucas brings greatest meaning to life. there is always hope, deep inside god continues to make me persevere what is tough for me but a stroll for others. lucas calls out while i'm blogging.

replaced my phone .... white version. the spare cover is pretty ugly with flowers on it.

and replaced my adi phone charm.

located lola by triad at CSC. $130. i think it's good price.

life is not about atc alone, i'm so entertained but so broke.

look out for this space 2mrw .... i'm gonna get the utapau clonetrooper. should have bought it earlier!!!!


Joshua said...

hey bro, don't let life get you down on, and every passing minute's a chance to turn it all around!

had 4 years of dissapointments, and things not working out for me, still struggling and doing my best to better that all and at least right now i've got a temp job that pays decently. at least whilst i get the relevant certification to get a better job.

anyway i can't wait to see pix of utapau take many shots of it bro.

sket said...

thx josh. will try to ge some pics of the utapau trooper.

desmond said...

I guess you bought your Utapau from David at CSC, right?

sket said...

yes from david. i didnt do any pre-orders cos i keep playing the store owners out. got get off market.