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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

coffin case

bought the coffin case finally, it's for the rickenbacker. i had hold it for ahwile but finally come to know it has a zip aferall so it can keep the guitar dust free ....

also got myself a playmobil from comics connection, special forces

joker nurse costume

with the upcoming launch of joker DX, i decided to get the nurse costume for kicks.

this package comes in a quite presentable box. got it at $65

the details ....

i decided to use the slim body to try it out. slim body was recommended by a toy collector when i was at falcon's coupa of months back .... the slim body doesnt have a shot neck adaptor.

after fixing up, joker nurse with slim body trutype looks absurb

went out to get a narrow body, my second piece, first omne was used for tony stark work clothing figure . also bought a shotgun from yellowboxtrade.

a comparison between the narrow shoulder and the slim true-type, they dont differ much on the height, but chest and overall built is indeed smaller.

ah this looks so much better. perhaps he'll looks best in a normal truetype figure ....

Monday, September 28, 2009

g-shock mudman

i had been lookng out for the Gravity Defier series for G-shock. cliff showed me the G-shock catalog and they had a few variations to this series. Lake had advised that the real thing might not look that good, a little small.

he was right. saw it at Jurong Point 2 this afternoon. my first trip to the extension of this mall. i noticed som other pretty cool G-shocks, in particularly the mudman series. i've always love the inverted black LED version.

after a few shops round the building, i went back to the shop HUB2, 15% cheaper than retail, got mudman 9000MS-1. simply love this watch. one minus point, no Tough Solar function, still it's the coolest.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

madcatz mic stand / revolver oct 09 / beatles tee / duran duran's Rio

joe chua asked if i've received the letter from HDB. no. fedup. but my guess was the maid didnt open the letter box yesterday. there were 2 packages, incl the rickenbacker, which was a freaking cool guitar to play with, and a smaller package for my wife, but i'm sure the small package was delivered by courier at the door step

once i got home in the morning, and was pleased to see the HDB letter. tho not for key collection to the pinnacle@duxton, but a informative letter to assure the residents it's gonna be ready.

also in the mailbox, 2 blu-rays, normal shipping, came in within 10days, awesome.

cant imagine if these were seen yesterday, i wouldnt have got out to buy my magaine .... revolver, which features rob zombie. i would hvae been overwhelmed by the sight of the rickenbacker, or more of a shock, and so much to cover during my split shift

a trip down to HMV 2day, to search for mavis fan's cd, innocent, which practically cant be found anywhere, but spotted some real cool stuff, a beatles apple tee and duran duran's Rio album remastered with plenty of extra tracks.

ant find the mic stand i saw at funzcentre yesterday at the orchard branch, so i had to bear my headache, due negative sleep, watching wrong turn2 blu-ray once i got home with my wife, and pushed on to the amk branch.

chris and crystal are back. i placed 2 pre-orders, DJ hero Renegade version and Uncharted 2. the counter girl asked if i'm member, i'm sorta like a underground member, gets discount only when chris and crsytal are around. but 2day i get the member card free with compliments from crystal. absolutely cool ....

i've decided to settle for madcatz mic stand over professional ones about close to or cheaper, but this stand comes with the mic holder so it saves me the trouble to get them separately.
i'm beat .....

Friday, September 25, 2009

the beatles rock band john lennon rickenbacker 325

holy shit.

my initial order for the beatles rock band rickenbacker had encounter problems. amazon admitted fault they dont have stock. so they compensated to give me free delivery for this item. for games and periperals, which not all ships out o usa, but if it does, it'll be on expedited prioirty, the fastest, takes about 3-4days. ad usa is 1day behind us, we'll usually get our items on the 3rd day.

the expected delivery date moved from order date to november.

my mind diverted to the warbeast instead, and i bought it. in the order thru new england music company is the awesome rock band lisenced fender bass by madcatz. with these 2 guitars i'm almost all covered. rockband has also allow some real cool guitars with metal parts and a wooden version, collaborated fender with madcatz,super replicas, much like the renowned beatles rock band guitars.

i was gonna cancel the rickenbacker, but to my amazement, it was in the room when i got home. it had shipped secretly 4days ago ....

holy shit. USD99, no shipping chrges, it aint that bad, but now i'll be loaded with 3 guitars suddenly .... the rockband1 fender and gh4 guitar remains vaulted in a samsonite suitcase.

she loves you yeah, yeah yeah, and a love like that, i know he will be glad ....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

dreamGEAR warbeast arrived

beatles' guitars by rockband were super hot and getting one was too costly or simply tough. zero at gameaxis forum introduced the few months old warbeast; a replica of the b.c. rich guitar, of exact size to the real thang, really caught my eye.

ebay has it, dreamGEAR, makers of this guitar has it, amazon has it, but mostly they ship only to usa address. cduniverse came in the search bar and they ship to singapore in 3 formats, normal, saver and priorty. glad i chose saver, took me 2 days for process and 4days to arrive. saved me like USD17. the guitar plus shipping of $12.99 cost total $109.58

does this guitar make me a better plastic guitar hero?

it's tested compatible with GH3, RB2 and beatles RB. there's a switch for GH and RB series, it can be alittle troublessome changing it. in general, the guitar is made for RB series sincce it has the guitar sound toggle and solo key frets. but maybe i shld just stick to one setting as these days the guitars are compatible between the series.

Monday, September 14, 2009

marvel alliance 2: fusion + 3D glasses

marvel alliance 2: fusion R1 touchdown 2day. $80.10 after discount.

wife got these from the net. the fit is great, much better than my paper ones and the ones at final destination 4 3D movie. why do we need 3D glasses? i have a movie on blu-ray titled "my bloody valentine 3D". the supplied paper 3D glasses sucks big time. these will be a great repalcement.

Friday, September 11, 2009

little big planet [game of the year] edition

many attempts to rebuy LBP but didnt as it's paid off with a GOTY edition .... $57

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

more blu-ray and rock band beatles results

wow, these arrived in 14days despite using standard shipping.

and your bird can sing. i did ok with rock band beatles.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

rock band beatles

got lead from gaxforum rock bands beatles R1 has touchdowned. the official launch worldwide would be 9.9.09. only funzcentre has it.

too bad crystal wasnt around at amk hub store, the 4 pieces were reserved and more stock coming over the evening were reserved too. with much persuasion the branch at orchard allowed me to grab their "reserved" last piece so i speeded down in the evening.

spotted wolverine local blu-ray out, pretty sucky the 2nd disc is in dvd verison. super strange.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

amazon package arrives on sunday, huh?

my package was sent out in usa on 20aug. i had expected it to arrive in 10days. but it arrived 2day on a sunday.

i had gone out and it was received by my mum, sent by a woman who brought her kid along for delivery.
so did singpost outsource the delivery to private agents? or they had overwhelm items they had to subject to outside agents for sundays? would to find out ....

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

guitar hero 5 [already]

2day' launch day. was almost gonna get from playasia glad bought this from gamescore with a member price at $68+ ....

perhaps an overdoes of GHs n RBs?

i'm looking forward to rockband beatles tho ....