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Saturday, September 19, 2009

dreamGEAR warbeast arrived

beatles' guitars by rockband were super hot and getting one was too costly or simply tough. zero at gameaxis forum introduced the few months old warbeast; a replica of the b.c. rich guitar, of exact size to the real thang, really caught my eye.

ebay has it, dreamGEAR, makers of this guitar has it, amazon has it, but mostly they ship only to usa address. cduniverse came in the search bar and they ship to singapore in 3 formats, normal, saver and priorty. glad i chose saver, took me 2 days for process and 4days to arrive. saved me like USD17. the guitar plus shipping of $12.99 cost total $109.58

does this guitar make me a better plastic guitar hero?

it's tested compatible with GH3, RB2 and beatles RB. there's a switch for GH and RB series, it can be alittle troublessome changing it. in general, the guitar is made for RB series sincce it has the guitar sound toggle and solo key frets. but maybe i shld just stick to one setting as these days the guitars are compatible between the series.

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