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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

nicoledeon niki grevious chaps

niki passed away this morning at 845am.

3030 0644 3008

i knew niki for 5yrs. a friend to me a buddy to my wife.

she was 16yrs old. for 16 years she kept my wife company.

i remember she was once on steroids and she was hyper, hunting and sniffing every bag for treats.

a loyal chap niki grevious is. nicoledeon chaps. she's like a little lamb, now i finally broke down.

somewhere, now, with her gleaming white fur, she hangs out with us, for a long long time.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

bapesta cola

after some gruesome wait, my shoes from ebay arrived 2day. was expecting a swift 3day arrival after winning bid and payment but this seller is too busy with the online sales. so it arrived on the 6th day after winning.

a relatively new model. more goodness you'll find at

and my phone cleaner that is too small so it's free shipping.

Monday, August 21, 2006

fat bottomed girls / bicycle race

while waiting for my wife getting her hair done, i took a walk down to borders, lavishing body heat thru the sunday crowd.

1 hour to kill, i hit the music section for updates. discovered a 2006 The Church cd. i felt outdated, disacknowledging releases from bands that i used to follow. been too engrossed with games and resting of late, what new to the world became a disabandoned building.

in 1988, The Church had released "Gold Afternoon Fix" in 3 formats. there was the cassette, the LP and the cd. both the cd and the cassette had 2 additional bonus tracks, with a more flexible running time of that format compared to the LP. tho the stylus of my technics turntable was getting worn and static wasnt my kind of fidelity, the LP was still my ultimate choice of purchase as the 12" bares that great artwork and the vinyl just comes close to the heart. if i recall well there was also a limited box set where and it comes with a little gift.

my mom enjoyed "radio gaga" and "i want to break free" when i play them before school. family was simple and life was too. inside me, an ambitious youngling that someday outgrow to a uncontrollable freak that has eye for details that never like to settle for fakes or bad productions.

i'll collect it all from that band. AMK library had NME subscription that was rare in 1989. in school nites, not a goth, i'll take a bus and head up the magazine section to enrich myslef with the weekly issue of this brit rock music newspaper. they had the lastest scoop. i zapped an article with the discography of The Mission. they were called The Mission UK in the US. Julianne Regan did the female backing vocals, fronts All About Eve, another band that i digged. now i turned and behind me the racks of moulding discs, i cant find their cds. i do regret selling some of this music that i grew up with, that i came to buy later.

Marty Piper-Wilson did guitars for All About Eve at their final days. uncannily he plays for The Church which i never understand the link between the 2 bands. and many bands had their final days with me, that their music outgrow my diminishing taste. and what i have become 2day i wish i was yesterday.

i bought Rob Zombie's "Hellbilly Deluxe" Deluxe verision cd, Church's "Uninvited, Like the Clouds" cd, Queen's "Grestest Video Hits 1" dvd, the Mission's "Waves Upon the Sand & Crusade" dvd. many things i buy bought me a temporary satisfaction and entertainment. anything that last more then a day would be more justifiable, but .... the impluse always surpassed the thoughtful mind. the aftermath of bills is when reality hits me.

i want to ride my bicycle.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

a returning ape

i was telling my wife that maybe i should take a break from bape sneakers and perhaps get a pair of white snakeskin shoes.

i had some viral infection that i'll get all feverish at 10pm and that had recurred for almost a week. was hit by diarrhea ultimately so i had to be on sick leave from my split shift duty at work. being off duty game me a chance to stay at home to support my favourite team playing their match with newly promoted shelfield united 2nite.

had a chance also to hit town for a quick hit and run collection for my new stuff. two surprise find 2day; 2 bape items and that lured me home again and likely i should stick to roots [ok not again] and find the ideal bape sneakers, incidently i found a pair that sting my eyes in the new catalog.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

my disgust with older men

i disgust when older men have conversations about singapore idol. there was a hype over the first season so the corporation knows where to milk and pretend to be exciting they launch a second season.

some pple like reality programmes that's fine. and if u are a follower of season X of a particular "1 million dollar prize" show, ok, you're a loyal geek. and forget not these are american programmes with awesome prize money. and they keep coming up with new styling to keep the reality freak hungry. but when older men watches singapore idol i begin to suspect.

i have come up with a short list of whom might watch or "oh my" follow singapore idol. i reckon women watches less tv than tummy hugging men .... so this list applies to the boys.

male in singapore who watches singapore idol can only from one of the bottom 3:-
1) you are a teenager
2) you are old but you have a teenager child or children
3) you are nothing but a pervert and your sexual orientation is shifting.

Monday, August 14, 2006

prey discovery

in "prey" there is a bird or was it a hawk to be specific, aids the red indian main character thru missions in his quest to save the world from the aliens. typical storyline.

tho i didnt get the game despite the hype of it using unreal engine, i agree the portal and 360 "walk on celings and walls", that's pretty refreshing.

in US, the game comes free with a pewter figure. here, we get a cheapskate pendant.

as i head to work this morning, an old cd running. Jim Morrison sang or rather songs in spoken words .... i came to realize the game's link to the Doors ".... bird of prey, bird of prey, flying high flying high". Jim's indulgence with red indian culture has got it's tribute after 30 over years later.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

slowly eliminating the list

we planned to go take some pictures for the dolls. i had charged my ibook, digi cam, and topped up a bottle of plain water. but we got "solazy" after lunch at bukit timah plaza that plan is scrapped.

the queue into queensway shopping centre is long as usual over the weekend. and with ikea having annual sale nearby, that doesnt make parking around easy. my wfe suggested trying to park inside alexandra hospital and we walked over. that, was such a great choice.

i had saw liverpool home jersey yesterday at pennisula plaza. i needed my wife's opinion if i should get this as i do have quite a number or red jerseys. adidas' return sponsorship with liverpool makes this jersay a must-have. hence a trip to champion sport at queensway to convince myself 2day is necessary.

bow wow the promo for liverpool and chelsea was massive. my wife called it aggressive promotion. there we plenty of home jerseys, tees, polo tees, kids and ladies jersey, sockos, shorts and training jerseys. i contemplated on if i should go easy [ok so i decided not to wait for the champion leagues or away version] or get a full kit with barclay patch n hero name and number. there was this community shield versio nthat was tempting too. my wife's opinion was cool i stick to roots and get the cool full kit top and a grey training jersey. my colleagues' info on "adidas shop almost sold out on these" makes me wanna get it more 2day.

plenty of window shop for the day while my wife made comeback to buy a chanel necklace after a month or 2 of hermes branding.

i felt left out empty handed form kino so we make a second visit at 830pm after a satisfying omu dinner. my lack of observation put shame that kino ran out of haruki murakami's new book. glad i found it in borders sans 20% off, but this is a essential reading that i cant wait for new stock. i want it now!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

unle loong

we had missed this uncle loong t-shirt at when we were at KL.

my wife shipped it for me as a gift and it's arrived, well packaged by

fedex envelope --> cardboard backing --> clear plastic --> t-shirt dustbag --> t-shirt --> premium stickers

front print

back print, a busy daqy i need to play. really.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

orange journal

a post office slip was left over my laptop when i got home. the postman had a failed delivery at 1315. on the usual the item wont be available til the next day at your local post office. but this slip was generated from Paya Lebar Post Office. i called a 1800 number and they tracked my item still with the outpost courier. the next available delivery will be thursday evening, 2mrw's just a holiday.

with little persuasion the person behind the phone agree to track the courier man 116 and she'll call me back by 6pm if i can go to the main office to collect it 2nite. no prayers but i hope i get my stuff 2nite.

i arrived pacific plaza for bad fusion dinner at the ground floor [sorry no 15% discount cos it's national day eve, duh] and "the person behind the phone" called me. "... mr Simon, u can collect your package 2day b4 nine at counter 2". viola!

i was impressed by this mid size hermes journal at the DFS. think we spent 1.5hrs there 2day. i have my purchase priorities so this impromtu buy cant be executed. i'll get the orange togo leather if it becomes a priority.

we got to the post office by 2030 and counter 2 was waiting for me. drove round corners we found a hagen daz for a romantic "slit your amazon box" evening.

what is your final destination?

Monday, August 07, 2006

speedpost and couriers

i have adpated a new mentality. when i order an item from overseas, the postage does not contribute to the final price of the item when converted to local currency.

the reason for such self-bluff is that too many times the attraction of express mail is inevitable. why dont i want my item fast? 2 days to get from Japan to Singapore, oh yes please. 4 days from USA to Singapore, oh give it to me! i just cant wait for 7 to 21 days to recieve my goods.

so if i would to include the postage into the final price of the item, and opting for express, the postage can sometimes cost more then the item itself. i love express mail. i love courier service. i prersonally prefer FedEx to UPS. EMS is great too. i just love speed.

2 blackhole Stormtrooper and a LucasFilm Tee from took only 3days from Vermont USA to Singapore. excellent!

still waiting for 2 packages to come, one from amazon and another gift via express from malaysia. am contemplating on an order from play-asia. the decision will be made 2nite.

my first BapeSta is entering retirement after 2years of thrashing. time to hunt for another pair? running outta funds already.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

dead rising and bad english

signs of diverticulitis seems to have resurface 2nite.

"lady in the water" seems to be a movie about reading the wrong signs. a contrary to night shayamalan's very own earlier direction of "signs". i was enjoying a bad headache during the first part in the cinema but from the mid it became captivating, and touching at the end.

another movie we saw 2day was "lake house". a reunion in the cinema of keanu reeves and sandra bullock. this movie surprisingly had a good ending.

here's kit fisto and stormtrooper with his little replica.

another scene from the beginning of "dead rising" demo. this xbox360 game is supposedly to be released in 8th august. will singapore ban it for the gore? [demo was downlaoded via USA's xbox live]

more zines. just cant get enuff. and right corner is my prized purchase, a SDCC black chrome han solo blaster in .33 scale.

a bathing ape fan ? yes i'm one.

now my surround has stands. accurate sound image projection now i hope.

it's 3am, time for a shower.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

15 ringit

did a 2 day twirl over KL over the passed weekend with my wife. we travelled via "first class" coach with transtar to and fro. tho the "first class" wasnt much of a biggie, but having only to wait for 14 other strangers during the customs, and having a steward/stewardess on board with proper meals and blankets is a plus point for coach travels. did i mentioned the massage chair sucks?

this trip is a shopping trip. like our previous ones. for us, tours' mostly shopping or spa. i was pretty low profile this round, got myself a sideshow collectibles "kit fisto" 12inch from xl-shop and a kwan pen phone strap. my wife had a fruitful spree but had to tasks of locating foreign medi including contraceptives for her aunt. my verdict is never go stupid places like wat midvalley megamall. stick to our roots .... go KLCC for brands. a pity we had only little time to explore the undergrounds of starhill. the food down below looked great. we were glad we had nice sandwiches b4 we set off for the bus station. the jap section in kino is separated from the main store and it's smacked in isetan.

could we have flew there? coach frankly has it's great conveniences over flight.

adidas gel shower make great foam bath.

sacarstic thought for the trip ".... why should i absorb your incompetency?"

err mis

my wife is in her hermes fever. last week she got a garden party and twilly and fragrances then more in KL and 2day as well. i am rewarded with a perfume from her. terre d'hermes

and here's my magazines for 2day's visit at kino. so now i am a kino member and i get 10% discount. dig it.