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Saturday, October 28, 2006

gears of war

my prize arrived yesterday via courier after some mis-communication.

i had won the "letter of the month" and it won me 6mths subs to a local zine and this signed pc game "dreamfall". i bought the game many months ago but this limited signed version by the maker himself is a real keepsake. i've always been a collector .... of many things.

i was not entitled a closed door X06 entrance yesterday. so my intention was to visit this exhibtion 1230pm - 230pm for a public preview 2day. as gears of war stage preview was the last event so i tot i could skip the earlier program. i was tied down playing Ultimate Alliance, dealing with Arcade's Murder World, that disallowed portal or SHIELD crest game save, so i had to play as far til i get a game save, it lasted me til 1210pm. a quick shower and a quick drive got me on site at 1235pm. to my gladness n surprise GoW was the first event. missed the first few minuted but it was cool. written on Unreal3 engine, the game looks awesome!

Gears of War is also gearing up at Funan for the launch on 7.11.06 . apparently the munsters are crawling out from the basement of this shopping complex.

bape zine autumn/winter ver1.2 and code3 xmen last stand dvd. code1 doesnt have the making of, so i gotta settle for a code3. i'm thinking of getting old marvel dvd moives too like fantastic4, punisher and maybe daredevil.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

crow nest, marvelous days and fire engines

this rain reminded me of 1977. it was 540pm and the sky had been darkened by rain clouds. the art teacher came to the class with a big canvas painting of a fire rescue scene. we were told to render this art piece as our last lesson for the day.

the lites in the classroom remain off, all the students knew in 20mins we'll hear the bell and it's time for home. i felt the eagerness to complete this task but time was not on our side. we left the classroom dissatisfied .... even til this day, still haunted by the event, 19 years later.

it's $16, $8, $4 to duplicate 3 respective keys at Mister Minit. i chose to have the cheapest duplicate first. 2day at holland village, it's $10, $2, $1 to duplicate the 3 keys by the cobbler / keymaster. i had the other 2 keys done 2day.

the rain subsides but memory lingers. the haunting of a fire rescue scene painting.

a crow family has setup a nest on a tree outside my room. they tend to wake me up when i want another late morning. hope the rain dont disrupt the birth.

monday nites between 1988 - 1995 i would go comic shops. it's shipment nite. the conversion rate were USD1 = SGD1.5 . this is my current 360 game, nice memories of marvelousity.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

champion of cyrodiil

got 150 achievement points this morning when i completed the story arc portion of Obblivion on my xbox360. i was awarded the Champion of Cyrodiil title and they will have an armor ready for me in 2weeks.

i have completed the story arc for a couple of the games which some i have sold:-
1. dead rising
2. condemned: criminal origins [game sold]
3. ninety nights [game sold]
4. tomb raider legends
5. godfather the game [game sold]
6. oblivion

games bought that i didnt play and were sold were:
1. pgr3
2. aquazone
3. ghost recon advanced warrior

games yet to dwell on:
1. test drive unlimited
2. ridge racer 6
3. shoduko battle X

games that will play for more storyline:
1. oblivion
2. dead rising

Best of You

if anybody is really bothered by dave grohl.

i am one year behind "in your honour". i'm always fasinacted by 2-disc, dual disc, limited edition etc etc. still plagued by funding, but i got the limited 2disc dual disc set from foo fighters's 2005 album and recently remastered platinum edition of "scarface" dvd.

i'm edging closer to HD Dvd, my first will be thru , will be ordering soon for MI3 in HD DVD format. tho i could wait for a collective order, the HDDVD n "In your Hounor" US press, but i lost my coolness due fundings like i said, and settled for a EU disc, certainly less superior in fidelity in comparision with US pressing or Jap cds.

the drummer from nirvana who sings for his own band. think they've got like 5 albums already.

mine is your and yours is mine

there is no divide

in your honour i will die tonight

mine is yours and yours is mine

i will sacrifice

in your honour i will die tonight

for you to feel alive

this is twiggy .... new member of the zombie family

Thursday, October 12, 2006


blogspot has been erratical lately or was it this way all the time. my templates went corrupted and the links to my archive went haywire. uploading photos have always been with some tremendous effort. maybe the world is bloating every second and blogspot cant cope.

went vivocity like the rest of the crowd on opening day. was not disappointed by the lack of shops opened but the linedup of the upcoming stores, nothing fab to my taste. stupidly i tried to buy queueup tickets for world trade center but it was flashing red selling fast.

was down with some shit viral attack on monday and it lasted my 3days. next my dad had to see a doc for indigestion and my wife threw up bad food from the previous nite. i think the bloody aftermath of haze has gotta do with this condemnation or contamination.

plagued by my bad debts .... i resort to selling old stuff again. make 90bucks selling old dvds and cds to gramophone. they take in your old stuff at low price, tho screening are strigent, it beats trying on ebay or yahoo auctions for this mouldy collection of my, sometimes we just moved on from our previous fad, ok, they called it phase.

drove my mum to toa payoh this morning, my uncle needs food delivery and Touch Community does provide such services with a nominal fee. think my uncle is 60+ . he's been in and out of woodbridge in his early days.

had a chance to drive passed my old flat that i lived for 14 years. to my surprise it's been flattened. trees from another land had been recultivated and blooming hard over my past. i used to cometo this area to rekindle some childhood memories, call me melocholic, innocence is gold.

uploading the pictures is dragging me down, so much for a night like this ....

Friday, October 06, 2006

testing, blog is down

testing line, blog is down


i was at lucy's again for lunch, a food canteen deserted by most of my colleagues.

in priority of highest order how i decide if i'll buy an electronic game:-

1. eye candy
2. celebrity involvement
3. smooth framerate
4. genre / storyline

a pre-launch demo would help alot on the decision basing on the above considerations, if not i've got to rely on the hype of the company's promotion. i'm a sucker for freebies like free bag or t-shirts etc, so i'll mostly go the special edition of a game, and paying the premium.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

winston & double clicks

here's a link of a blog to an old pal at work --> . we've been colleagues since day1, or maybe day0 cause i rem he was in the same bus when we were visiting LORADS1, bloody green screen radar, i almost wanted to give up taking this job. and the people were in covered ear hairstyles and bell bottomed pants and oh my god ....

winston is the name of a grasshopper, so they say. think my "winston" is vincent, that's more like it.

my razer mouse is giving me a quicktime, double cliks when i only want it once.

and sorry folks, i dont borrow and neither do i lend, i'm not a library so go get yourself a copy and yes, stop piracy.

purple haze

met up with two of my secondary school mates this evening at MosBurger Bishan. Beng Hock had moved back to Shunfu Road 2 years ago to live closer to his parents. and Wai Loon, a buddy that i've not seen for 7 years since his wedding, three of us got together for a little ketchup on what's going on. it's been awhile i say.

Gamescore was kind enuff to supply me a PS3 lanyard when i got my xbox live vision yesterday. waiting always has it's advantages, i contemplated on paying for this lanyard freebie couple of months back when E3 was hot, and i could also have paid double the price for the live vision if i ebayed it.

xbox live vision has so much potential i cant wait for it' s involvement. for a start there is the motion sensor capture for playing a game using my hands waving on the cam, instead of controlling it via the controller, an ancient gimmick perhaps, still i'm entralled.

the haze is causing my throat to go dry, or am i blaming.

Monday, October 02, 2006

been awhile

been awhile since i last came here to make a blog. have sold some 360 games and bought some. finished some of the games as well but most have replay value. currently in a godfather phase, bought the dvd set as well with the guide book after discovering the whole mafia culture appealing.

cant wait to get my hands on the xbox 360 vision, a cam not only for some silly video chat but a gadget that has so much potential for my beloved console. have also placed a reservation for the HD DVD addon for the 360 with .

apexplorer came in the mail 2day. brothersworker takes a break as a collabarative team and went on with solo projects. this ape is a crossover from canon and winson ma. got this awesome figure form abcexpress at ebay.