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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

w00t .... fallout 3 CE touchdown

UPS guy just called me. i'm not home but there's my retired dad at home to receive the package. more pictures later when i get home.

my CE guide is on snail mail so it'll arrive in prob saturday if not, monday ....

later in the afternoon ....

here's the package ....

the lunchbox

the contents .... as u can see, pipboy has broke of from the stand. will need glue to stick him back to the base

pipboy .... the cooler amazon exclusive will come with a radio prop and gamestop pre-orders gets the soundtrack. mine's from P so it's the basic CE.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

first impression: Guitar Hero World Tour

downloaded a few free song packages for GHWT. have yet to install them.

as from previous post, RB1 fender guitar and mic works well with GHWT. but my fender has some response issue problems, and with GHWT's faster scroll on the fretboard, i keep missing notes. 

game difficulty are now split to:

the GHtunes is up, with some songs done up by the producers for download. if u sign on thru your asia psn, the music store will not be available. 

graphics wise, it's sharper for the toons performing .... one thing bad is load times now takes longer .... boo

one good improvement, when u pause, there will be a count down b4 the song resume. thumbs up!

first song played on fender guitar .... ABOUT A GIRL [UNPLUGGED] by nirvana. first song sung on RB1 mic .... BAND ON THE RUN by wings.

wow .... didnt now there's STILLBORN by black label society .... awesome !!!! played it with the GHWT guitar. the clicking song on he strum is still there, a sure hit if u hear the clik. zakk wylde was the singer toon. nice.

i am so far more impressed with GHWT over RB2 ....

un-packaging Guitar Hero World Tour (guitar bundle)

i've notice item was available on 26th october on playasia's website. it was a sunday. when i got home on 27th, i placed my order in the morning, they shipped it out in the evening. my Fallout3 SE gotten a delay tho. 

game/guitar bundle is USD129.90 [excluding your USD5 off ]. shipping defaulted to UPS at SGD37.00+ or other options like FeDEX or EMS at slightly more.

a size comparison of the packaging box vs rock band fender.

the game box is stuffed with the white foam. 

the front of the box.

the size of the game box compared to a normal ps3 game box. pretty standard size for the GH series.

the back of the box.

the insides ....

all items. notice the same "not for resale" on the back of the disc case on the left corner again. standard items, guitar connectable by neck, game case, stickers n instructions, strap, batt and sensor. the whammy bar is long ah [singapore slang] !!!!

this portion on the neck, the slider, it's not popped up but flushed. i guess it's touch sensitive. that should increase the price of this guitar compared to previous GH guitars?

this fat bastard is ugly. but it's a multiway toggle switch for your navigation.

and the star power button. the left and right are hidden start buttons.

this is interesting .... a hub on the sensor.

a size comparison with RB's fender.

what i need to fin out will be if this guitar is workable with RB1 and RB2. and can RB1 fender n drums work with GHWT game disc. another interest will be if the USA psn GH series DLC work with GHWT .... more to come .... 

* tested .... GHWT guitar works with rockband2. 
* a patch for GHWT 1.01 is already up when u pop the disc in.
* tested .... RB1 guitar works well with GHWT.
* tested .... RB1 mic works well with GHWT.
* GH3 DLC dont work with GHWT
* RB1 drums works great with GHWT

my collection of PS3 R1 games ....

Monday, October 27, 2008

penang DAY3 [26/10/08]

check out time is 12pm. the hotel was overwhelmed by church retreats and holiday makers cos monday was a holiday. cody on the white sheets of the bed.

the balcony view for the hotel's great. tho it's generally a dull town, i frankly wouldnt mind lazing .... 

still with the little kancil and i finally located the hazard light button, we head beyond ferringhi further up north of the penang island. after a long drive we met the dam.

my target was the waterfall. but to my dismay, it's just a small little non attraction stopover at a bend with a little waterfall. i never knew i was heading up hill, think we travelled up 600ft.

as we backtracked we heading up a stopover called the fruit mart. a few singapore cars were up there while me and my wife are singaporeans in a penang car plate.

then the butterfly garden .... RM20 per entry.

i've never had so many butterflies flew over me .... i'll come home, to u one day ....

and a couple of my wife's fave, insects .... yuks ....

had a beer and midday lunch at olio .... then pumped the car to full and back to the hotel b4 we flew back home .... 

an adventurous trip, with my wife a great company .... many things happened in singapore while we'll away, malaysia papers reported they will not be hit by recession, it's cool .... 

it's good to get away from the busy life, the game releases, the toy and money chase .... 

penang DAY2 [25/10/08]

there's a nicer apartment beside our hotel .... 

i've yet to located the hazard button for this car, as i constantly need to use it to stop over for ground confirmation. a good addtion to this car is rear doors, i can now load my bag via the bag door, something me and my wife were very derived in singapore .... lol.

penang hill is closed .... the car rental man told us .... bumper. we head to fort conwallis ....

the clock tower ....

then the st george's church. penang has won awards for heritage preservation.

we found the biscuit shop. we saw the branch, and made many turns around to get to the one way street of macallister road for the main store. almost hit the highway to the airport. my wife got me back on track.

from the tour map advertised this toy shop at midlands mall. toon shoppe. a great shop, again plenty of toys that u cant find in singapore, all probably snapped, all at reasonable prices.

another small toy shop in island mall. not as elaborated shop, but plenty of rare stuff.

finally the sky's clear tonight and we had CKT, asam laksa, rojak, cuttlefish, ice kacang and sugar cane drink for dinner at gurney hawker. the jam was bad .... we parked at gurney plaza and also checked out the beautiful G hotel.

penang DAY1 [24/10/08]

penang is a simple town. my first visit was in 95/96 period with vincent low and alvin how.

a return some 10 years later with my wife on a budget trip, away from the flamboyant modern life, we embarked on a daredevil journey. 

some parts of this state has changed. more shopping malls. but down-to earth people, mothers in conservative swimming costumes, the roadside hawker, remains stagnant.

just below our hotel is the toy museum, surprisingly. RM20 per entry, to this toy haven of action figures.

aisles of toy displays, tho i'm out of this action figure craze, was a great eye-opener. life size statues, actions figures, barbies, kotos, props, except blythe and medicom products, were aplenty. i'm greeted by snake .... ahem.

this is for shaun, the singapore's great blogger who's a great supe fan.

i'm pretty surprise there's a toy museum nestled in this part of the world, i wont be surprised if it's KL, but it's cool.

guess my fave is the star wars section .... 

the hotel has 18floors. but it starts at 7. u gotta take nother life to the beach. we could have chosen batu ferringhi, the ang-moh's fave spot in penang, a bali/phuket zone. but we chose copthrone, nearer to the main george town ....

the beach .... serene .... no life ....

we visited the scary pragin mall, KOMTAR was still as boring .... until we met Gurney Plaza, where life is closer to home. below the cafe was the Gurney Hawker .... they started to lay the seats while the sky threatens ....

clouds gets pretty low near the hills .... we rented a little kancil for RM90 per 24hr block .... braved the rain and bends and drove to the ship for dinner.

the ship? the ship restaurant. back then i saw the ship by the pasar malam .... 10years later .... my with succeeded my dream of having dinner in the ship.

my driving stablized after dinner, head down south to island mall and discovered cody for sale at metrojaya. cody "3 3/4inch" figure from the wave2 of the clone wars. in toys 'r us at gurney plaza, there were plenty of comic packs, each at RM59.90 .... think the penangrians dont really bother much about star wars, which is great for me. there was also a oddball which i already picked up in singapore.