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Sunday, October 19, 2008

rock band 2: first impression

popped the disc in, rock band 2 into the ps3 after 12am ....

my eyes were tired. and the menus are faster in this upgraded version of the the very brilliant rock band by EA and harmonix. i played thru the credits first, lasted me think 20mins, of not impressive photos unlike a more cute previous version. and during the credits, the songs used were unfamiliar and tasted bad.

the single player has been removed. the tutorials for guitar was re-cycled from rock band. there's a new drum tutorial which i have not tried, my drum set is in a samsonite suitcase tightly kept from dust. what now is online world tour and offline tour, which u participate as a member of a created band. unlike previously u have to either play and sing in a tour, now u can do it solo. i read u can switch your character from the sitarist, i mean guitarist to the singer or other instruments, which i find it's a great addition, but generally the tour game play is the same play like the tour previously.

i did not buy the code to port some RB songs to RB2, glad i didnt. besides so little HDD space i am already in trouble, RB2 really didnt impressed me much. it's very much like a upgraded RB, nothing spectacular. the DLC songs from RB were detected seamlessly in RB2, and the menu now looks very much like the rock store. 

i hope guitar hero world tour will be more refreshing, they seemed to catch the fans better, in my opinion rb2 is a letdown and it's time to jump shift .... bye bye creep

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