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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

uniqlo MGS peacewalker t-shirts + ps3 Fifa World Cup 2010

a good friend help me get these b4 it's too late.

the beautiful emblem at the side of the sleeve.

there were many designs, available the same day as japan uniqo's launch.

size M is my size, the backprints.

i too love a peace walker logo but i think 2 tees is my limit.

got my fifa world cup 2010 as well, R3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

g-shock frogman

won this at a bid at at $390. was $379 but paypal's exchange rate is higher. market for this watch is at $450. comes with free shipping.

model of the frogman is "rusty man in black". arrived 2 days after item was sent out by registered mail.

Friday, April 23, 2010

3 tracks

was sitting in the "common rest room", loosing time b4 work at break.

chose the killers' white ghost from twilight new moon soundtrack on my mp3 player. did some wiki-reading on the band.

then thom yorke's hearing damage played on, unselected. then meet me at the equinox the next track, amazing, my 3 fave tracks from the 2 cds .... strangely.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

star wars lego complete sage ps3

ordered from cduniverse, think took quite a fair while but surely below 2weeks. this will be my 3rd attempt to have this game ....

Monday, April 19, 2010

twilight soundtrack

from hmv ....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

new moon soundtrack n PUSH blu-ray

bought new moon soundtrack from hmv. didnt buy twilight soundtrack s i was looking for the score instead. gramophone is sold out of the score as well. bought push, after seeing the trailer on twilight disc.

Friday, April 16, 2010

my g-shock collection to date

my g-shocks ....

confessions of a shopaholic part X

went to g-factory 3 times while in vivo. saw the japan model of 7900 with multiband5 and black face. was surprise they have this model and it cos $100 more at superchrono.

also tried the final edition frogman at the store.

returned to g-facotry after watching the warped movie "shutter island".

went to car, came up again and bought the watch. my 4th G in a month.

also bought 2 zines [super illegal] from pageOne, no discount so it's sick.

got the lego clock, with 20% discount at simply toys. my membership should be expiring soon.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stuck in a moment and just cant get out of it

stuck in the lift 2nite. i had problems calling the lift at level1, and the other lift wont come down. so i took the lift that serves B,1,2,3,26-50 to lev3l3 to see what's the jazz. i took the faulty lift and it was slow in closing. but when it got to my floor, it stopped halfway and the door wont open. freak.

called 18002755555 .... 25mins later i was released from 16. the lift compartment had minimal phone network which is real sick.

wife bought this warmachine figure for me, it's real cool. i've given up buying last friday. it'll be a major character in the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie.

bought the set of Twilight for my wife at gramophone yesterday.

7-11 at my block has opened. had my nite snack this morning .... 1230am.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

adidas Germany jersey

my g-shocks takes a queue ....

after buying lucas' new adiball my interest for world cup kicked in. popped into adidas vivo to check them out. there's this display with special printing at the side differ from the jersey's that's hanged on the rack.

came to realized the displayed ones are special limited tight fit editions. and they only have medium for this jerseys at $199, contemplated between spain and germany.

this set comes in a neat box, and the captain arm band. too bad they dont com with the shorts. the normal version is half the price.
spent above $120 to get a free originals lace.

chose to print Ballack at $50. needed 20mins to print on the spot. if i bought the spain jersey i'll be printing Torres i guess. overall work is neat.

the jersey seems pretty tight after trying it at home, time to slim down abit.

Friday, April 09, 2010

another g-shock, GA-100

bought a ball for lucas .... looks like he supports spain for his first world cup. he was not letting go the ball while in adidas shop. downloaded the ps3 fifa world cup demo, wasnt too impressed.

needed a movie for 2nite. wife picked this.

hmm, my 3rd g-shcok within a month .... this black model is sold out almost everywhere in smaller shops. paid retail price at g-factory.

non-EL model ....

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

star wars lego visual dictionary

this book was soldout at kino. i last saw it at harris greatworld n harris JP2. according to the kino pple, the supplier was unable to make enuff luke ceremonial exclusive figure or DK hence the distribution stopped.

was alone with lucas the whole day, babysitting him

Friday, April 02, 2010

g-shock riseman and lego star wars

bought riseman orange at $195. think retails at $258. the shop, recommended, at bencoolen plaza, 3D Enterprising was packed. bought my wife a baby-G, retailing at $137 but only selling at $66.

this marks my 4 g-shock, possibly not the end of me. reason for choosing the orange was the fireman axe print when in EL illuminated mode.

was told only applicable to regular priced items are on sale. too bad this lego set isnt ....

Thursday, April 01, 2010

new blu-rays from amazon

ordered finally halloween 2 since i missed soophing's offer at xtremeplace forum. no one seems to import this movie, or shld i say they all know it's a bad movie. yet still it's rob zombie's 4th installment for the big-screen, and i missed it too in the cinemas ....

also bought brothers ....

tehy all took only 9days to arrive. fab.