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Friday, April 09, 2010

another g-shock, GA-100

bought a ball for lucas .... looks like he supports spain for his first world cup. he was not letting go the ball while in adidas shop. downloaded the ps3 fifa world cup demo, wasnt too impressed.

needed a movie for 2nite. wife picked this.

hmm, my 3rd g-shcok within a month .... this black model is sold out almost everywhere in smaller shops. paid retail price at g-factory.

non-EL model ....


saruman said...

wow! that g-shoch looks really cool with the matte black colour!

woodhead said...

Nice! What model is this?

sket said...

5 colors total. GA-100 it is. but if u dont mind the colorful ones, u can find them at $105 at bencoolen. the black with blue trim version looks good too.