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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stuck in a moment and just cant get out of it

stuck in the lift 2nite. i had problems calling the lift at level1, and the other lift wont come down. so i took the lift that serves B,1,2,3,26-50 to lev3l3 to see what's the jazz. i took the faulty lift and it was slow in closing. but when it got to my floor, it stopped halfway and the door wont open. freak.

called 18002755555 .... 25mins later i was released from 16. the lift compartment had minimal phone network which is real sick.

wife bought this warmachine figure for me, it's real cool. i've given up buying last friday. it'll be a major character in the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie.

bought the set of Twilight for my wife at gramophone yesterday.

7-11 at my block has opened. had my nite snack this morning .... 1230am.


desmond said...

Bro, are you ordering the HT War Machine? You got such a good wife and I like Bundeberg Root Beer too. But the price has increased in 7-11.

sket said...

tentatively skipping, but when the movie is out, things might change ....