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Sunday, April 11, 2010

adidas Germany jersey

my g-shocks takes a queue ....

after buying lucas' new adiball my interest for world cup kicked in. popped into adidas vivo to check them out. there's this display with special printing at the side differ from the jersey's that's hanged on the rack.

came to realized the displayed ones are special limited tight fit editions. and they only have medium for this jerseys at $199, contemplated between spain and germany.

this set comes in a neat box, and the captain arm band. too bad they dont com with the shorts. the normal version is half the price.
spent above $120 to get a free originals lace.

chose to print Ballack at $50. needed 20mins to print on the spot. if i bought the spain jersey i'll be printing Torres i guess. overall work is neat.

the jersey seems pretty tight after trying it at home, time to slim down abit.


Shaun said...

thanks for your poison bro. :)"

sket said...

the techfit r really cool, am sure u wanna fit ito it and cant get out. love the way adidas shop wears it on their black mannequin