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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

prison break again

saw this magazine in kinokuniya 4 days ago. tyring to fight hard not to spend too frequent on magazines.

still ultimately i got it. there's a prison break companion which now i would like to browse and consider.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i dont feel like dancing

i'm totally drained now.

as i get older my energy takes toll on me. shopping for long distance i no longer has the stamina. or perhaps it was my nite duty the day b4.

at royal crowne hotel and heading to DFS for our product study. then to that's music at pacific + dinner. lait towers. takashima, while i slipped to HMV.then tangs, scotts and back to the, still parked at the original location, a nice $4 per entry. my wife got most of her goodies (not cny stuff for crying out loud), i got my prison break season 2 code1 finally, decided not to wait for the blu-ray version, and scissor sisters's last album.

why scissor sisters suddenly? thx to singsatr i sorta got addicted to this song.

my wife got me this little cute cat bowl. and incdiently i borke a bowl at my in-laws office that day, washed it and broke it in the sink when i slipped off my hands. i had soba.

not 1910. it's EA5Y .nice number on the merz.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


went to HMV for a dangerous browsing trip after my morning duty.

located yeah yeah yeahs old cd that includes the addictive "maps". also decided to follow up with this issue's Star Wars Insider magazine, a bounty hunter special issue.

mananged to capture a shot of this from last nite's game .... is the game slowly loosing it's appeal ?

Friday, January 25, 2008

repairing the problematic fender guitar of rock band

my fender guitar from the rock band game shows signs of stress after continuous playing for a few days. first it was a down strum problem. then down strum recovers and then up strum problem intercepts. i was directed to a video that shows a method of adding masking tape to solve the sensitivity problem ....

place a 3 layer masking tape at this location .... both sides of the masking tape u make to such both are non sticky sides.

added on both sides of my strum contacts.

now it works real well all problems on sensitivity solved.

a 100% on bass from my teks character 2nite while playing with my band

Thursday, January 24, 2008


manage to get 100% but not satisfactory streaks on 3 songs from rock band on vocals

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


with rock band's early insertion, and after collecting enterbay bruce lee, it left me a lucky nothing to buy, a emtpy wishlist. metal gear solid 4 and resident evil 5 and silent hill 4 are all off radar without confirmed release dates. then pop in singstar.

i was heading gamescore and jimmy was at the lobby. we greeted and he knew what i had came for.

notice the usb plug that u can connect the 2 color coded mics to the PS3.

a comparison to rock band's mic in size.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

enterbay enter the dragon bruce lee

enter the dragon bruce lee by enterbay. this is my third bruce lee by enterbay. for this series there is 2 versions, mine is version B, while version A comes in a blue similar case, consist of a diff headsculpt, less posing hands, a set of poxing gloves and undies from the movie, and 2 sets of clothing, brown and blue, all from the likes of this hollywood blockbuster.

tough to remove the slip cover, the usual from the enterbay toys, but u sure wanna be more careful. this version runs about $320 from reputable stores like the falcon's hangar, the cheapest of the bruce lee series.

serial number comes in 3 places, the slip cover, the case and the certificate itself in the inside

this is how the rotation or the "spinning window" looks like

location of the serial numbers in the other 2 locations

the black suit. this version comes with that big sling bag not shown here.

strikes his pose. his neck seems to be tilted one side so u'll get his arrogance looks mostly. of all the 3 bruces i owned, i love the "game of death version most.

enter the dragon blu-ray. a must buy movie for all bruce lee fans. contains plenty of interviews during and after his lifetime.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

more rockband and thai music

my 2 band mates saved me while i got kicked out during highway star .... but i failed 3 times and ultimately the band failed the song .... darn .... think i will choose easy difficulty on this song next round.

i started close to 930pm with marka with him doing lead guitar while i did bass .... got a few bad connections, then forza came in with his drumset and we did a few tracks. my first time playing PS3 rockband on online multiplayer and it sure kickass .... glad my past experience with guitar hero didnt make me a noob 2nite. i was appalling when u watch your band mates do their thing then your notes come in.

3 guide books .... i've fin COD4 but this guide is pretty neat with plenty of details .... my wife's 2 thai CDs. you'll be surprise the cds are good .... will further review them in-car 2mrw and prob ripped it into my macbook ....

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

for those about to rock (we salute you)

how i acquire rock band the game for PS3, the adventure of 1.5hrs journey in total during my dinner break at work, is no longer important. cos for those about to rock, we salute you.

rock band was released in US and other continents last october/november. i manage to get hold of this US set only 2day, at an estimate of SGD90 more form the estimate local launch price, which the date atm remains unknown.

box of this special edition, which consist of the game, the mike, a fender guitar and a drum set, is seriously huge. the size is here pictured with refernece with a dualshock3.

inside well packed and secured are boxes of goodies. the mike and the wireless tongle are packed at the side with the game nearby. the guitar box sits over the bigger box of dismantled drums.

the head is pretty tough to fit into the neck of the guitar.

and a complet work is a brilliant pretty fender, so go home guitar hero 3's les paul. i've yet to test ot the functionality of this guitar, which is the biggest fear item of breakdown as reported.

the drum set, with plenty of locking to secure it stable.

the complete beauty part2.

ok let's pop in the game and rock on ....

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

my missing brother / prison break

again one leads to another.

had a nice chat with hamid last night. was asking him on his opinion on prison break series and it leads on to some nostalgic feedback on our keenness on other dramas and comedies and serials.

after the bad weekend struggle on the decision to get prison break series 1 on blu-ray, i finally made the plunge and boy, the series is damn good.

either $185 for a pair of lincoln burrows and michael scoffield prison garb hot toys 12inchers at yahoo auction or $129.95 for burrows alone at action city. my choice was the latter .... tho scoffield is the hero so far til ep3 which i stopped, i prefer burow's sculpt more. be warn the buttons on his outfits are real buttons.

Friday, January 11, 2008


after my haircut at mission, decided to take the fatal path to HMV. ayumi hamasaki's new album has touchdown. a strange find of a david sylvian item that i wasnt aware of, and that leads me to check out if they have nine horses album and indeed they do have one. the danger path indeed leads me to another fruitful trip of an accidental hero.

some japanese artist release albums that contains singles and b-sides of all their passed year release. ayumi does fall into this cat, but these tracks are so strong that it becomes madatory to purchase the "compilation". i only bought 1 single from this album, and i never knew most of the songs she did recently bears heavy rock tunes. "GUILTY" is such a good track, and the fabulous "fated", the best evening drive song.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

new FEB 2008 zines

long john silver fastfood's fish never felt stiffer. and sony gallery staff told kelly PS3 games are region locked. what has become of this world of deceit and lies ....

thx god it's not friday and we still have exciting zines

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


got 3 disc 2day. sad to hear many movie companies are dropping support for HD DVD ....

guess i turned 38 2day, and the rain goes on

Saturday, January 05, 2008

strangle or hold

perhaps a week ago, zach asked if i had tried stranglehold. i was pretty excited when they had announced stranglehold limited/collectors edition will be coupled with a blu-ray movie "hard-boiled". and then there was a delay to this game due to video localization so no global released hence therell be wait for the asians. i tried the demo ultimately and was alittle put-off by the expectation of a repeatitive gameplay of bulletime. the game was scraped off my buy list i told zach.

i'll see it at racks of HMV, and reviews were bad.

i see some1 on my friendlist playing stranglehold demo. and has "curse of the golden flower" starring chow yuen fatt got my blood boiled again?

and then it appear on GAX forum, a secondhand at $70. i spoked to zach again this afternoon. his advise i should go ahead to try it. a call to HMV while i was on my way back in the car, they have sold out. i checked on this shop at junction8 and they had soldout. and to my surprise comics connection has it. and a greater surprise after thechinaman at the counter scanned the item, it shows $85, a good price that HMV was selling at above $100.

Friday, January 04, 2008

family tree

one thing leads to the other, the study of the family tree, that's the other joy for having movies and music as your entertainment. which other bands the drummer played with, who he married, which was her first movie, one thing leads to another, links back, the study of family tree.

my latest will be "november's chopin" by jay chou, this album surprisingly contains 2 bonus tracks, both that are the 2 songs from the "initial D" movie, and therefore results in "initial J" japanese album by jay chou skippable.

and why "kingdom of heaven" now? one of ridly scott's not so "happening" movie about the crusaders which i missed in the cinemas. i'll prob skip "AVP2" and i've missed "across the universe" at the cinemas, but i'll always find them later at PLAY! video rental. "kingdom of heaven" is linked from Assassin's Creed.

issue of bape catalog, nothing significant for this issue, except for shuan yue endorsing for bape.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


what? another copy of assassin's creed? wouldnt this be the 3rd copy of assassin's creed in my purchase history? i have some serious issues. i cant put myself to play my second hand copy. have smsed my ps3 colleagues for a $40 deal if they wanna take that copy.

another Lego Star Wars Saga? i am performing another streamlining of my library, so i've upgraded Lego SWS from 360 version to PS3 version .... hope i am not gonna do the same for Oblivion.

also, a second copy of American Psycho. this is my first double, having both the dvd version and the HD version.

so now my PS3 library consist of R1 and R2(GT5P) discs .... the no logo assassin's creed will have to go ....

gerrad hangs out by my kitchen