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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

enterbay enter the dragon bruce lee

enter the dragon bruce lee by enterbay. this is my third bruce lee by enterbay. for this series there is 2 versions, mine is version B, while version A comes in a blue similar case, consist of a diff headsculpt, less posing hands, a set of poxing gloves and undies from the movie, and 2 sets of clothing, brown and blue, all from the likes of this hollywood blockbuster.

tough to remove the slip cover, the usual from the enterbay toys, but u sure wanna be more careful. this version runs about $320 from reputable stores like the falcon's hangar, the cheapest of the bruce lee series.

serial number comes in 3 places, the slip cover, the case and the certificate itself in the inside

this is how the rotation or the "spinning window" looks like

location of the serial numbers in the other 2 locations

the black suit. this version comes with that big sling bag not shown here.

strikes his pose. his neck seems to be tilted one side so u'll get his arrogance looks mostly. of all the 3 bruces i owned, i love the "game of death version most.

enter the dragon blu-ray. a must buy movie for all bruce lee fans. contains plenty of interviews during and after his lifetime.


Mizu said...

Wow. Enterbay's Bruce Lees are really awesome, but oh-so-pricey. Glad the prices are falling, but there're still outta my budget. (=__=

sket said...

will show u a super dolfie when i have the time .... these enterbay stuff got me all keen in bruce lee movies .... or it's just me ....