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Thursday, January 03, 2008


what? another copy of assassin's creed? wouldnt this be the 3rd copy of assassin's creed in my purchase history? i have some serious issues. i cant put myself to play my second hand copy. have smsed my ps3 colleagues for a $40 deal if they wanna take that copy.

another Lego Star Wars Saga? i am performing another streamlining of my library, so i've upgraded Lego SWS from 360 version to PS3 version .... hope i am not gonna do the same for Oblivion.

also, a second copy of American Psycho. this is my first double, having both the dvd version and the HD version.

so now my PS3 library consist of R1 and R2(GT5P) discs .... the no logo assassin's creed will have to go ....

gerrad hangs out by my kitchen

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