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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


with rock band's early insertion, and after collecting enterbay bruce lee, it left me a lucky nothing to buy, a emtpy wishlist. metal gear solid 4 and resident evil 5 and silent hill 4 are all off radar without confirmed release dates. then pop in singstar.

i was heading gamescore and jimmy was at the lobby. we greeted and he knew what i had came for.

notice the usb plug that u can connect the 2 color coded mics to the PS3.

a comparison to rock band's mic in size.


Mizu said...

An empty wish list - you must have a lot of restraint and/or moolah, lol. I've gotten Silent Hill 4, but I haven't found the time or courage to play it yet (although I consider myself pretty gutsy since I beat SH1-3, the last one I even wrote a guide on since I got it 6 months before the official date of release.). I saw this youtube clip of a really @!$%#@$ up room in SH4. If you don't mind a minor spoiler I can post the link. :3

Btw, if you're a survival horror fan, aren't you gonna pick up the Hot Toys Resident Evil figures?

sket said...

the RE figures looks cool indeed .... next in my buylistis old snake from MGS4. i played silent hill2 and didnt complete silent hill3, both on PC. advance copies, nice one there. my last silent hill was zero on psp. if u have not, try condemned criminal origins. not a horror one but will super shock u off.