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Friday, January 04, 2008

family tree

one thing leads to the other, the study of the family tree, that's the other joy for having movies and music as your entertainment. which other bands the drummer played with, who he married, which was her first movie, one thing leads to another, links back, the study of family tree.

my latest will be "november's chopin" by jay chou, this album surprisingly contains 2 bonus tracks, both that are the 2 songs from the "initial D" movie, and therefore results in "initial J" japanese album by jay chou skippable.

and why "kingdom of heaven" now? one of ridly scott's not so "happening" movie about the crusaders which i missed in the cinemas. i'll prob skip "AVP2" and i've missed "across the universe" at the cinemas, but i'll always find them later at PLAY! video rental. "kingdom of heaven" is linked from Assassin's Creed.

issue of bape catalog, nothing significant for this issue, except for shuan yue endorsing for bape.

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