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Sunday, January 27, 2008

i dont feel like dancing

i'm totally drained now.

as i get older my energy takes toll on me. shopping for long distance i no longer has the stamina. or perhaps it was my nite duty the day b4.

at royal crowne hotel and heading to DFS for our product study. then to that's music at pacific + dinner. lait towers. takashima, while i slipped to HMV.then tangs, scotts and back to the, still parked at the original location, a nice $4 per entry. my wife got most of her goodies (not cny stuff for crying out loud), i got my prison break season 2 code1 finally, decided not to wait for the blu-ray version, and scissor sisters's last album.

why scissor sisters suddenly? thx to singsatr i sorta got addicted to this song.

my wife got me this little cute cat bowl. and incdiently i borke a bowl at my in-laws office that day, washed it and broke it in the sink when i slipped off my hands. i had soba.

not 1910. it's EA5Y .nice number on the merz.


Mizu said...

Scissor Sisters, lol. They're fun but I can't sing along to them with a straight face. I guess that's the point. Good on you getting Prison Break, I'm close to finishing Season 2, but I'm stalling because Season 3 isn't finished yet. End, Writers' Strike, end already!

sket said...

not too sue if singapore will ever air season3 .... sona isnt the best place to be at, fox river was the beginning