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Thursday, January 17, 2008

more rockband and thai music

my 2 band mates saved me while i got kicked out during highway star .... but i failed 3 times and ultimately the band failed the song .... darn .... think i will choose easy difficulty on this song next round.

i started close to 930pm with marka with him doing lead guitar while i did bass .... got a few bad connections, then forza came in with his drumset and we did a few tracks. my first time playing PS3 rockband on online multiplayer and it sure kickass .... glad my past experience with guitar hero didnt make me a noob 2nite. i was appalling when u watch your band mates do their thing then your notes come in.

3 guide books .... i've fin COD4 but this guide is pretty neat with plenty of details .... my wife's 2 thai CDs. you'll be surprise the cds are good .... will further review them in-car 2mrw and prob ripped it into my macbook ....

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