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Monday, April 30, 2007

black spider-man 3 by medicom

EGM june n blu-ray goodfellows from HMV heeren

2mrw will be the screen opening for spidy3. not sure if i'll get to catch it 2mrw

falcon's hangar managed to get their shipment for black spidy3 n venom. i only ordered black spidy3, venom tho appears undersize, he looks vicious with that sticking tongue.

i love the hexagonal pattern on this costume.

the black spidy has a evil looking spider on his costume, while the red/blue costume's spider is more tame.

Friday, April 27, 2007

it's a sin

another fruitful trip dwon funan and town.

no sign of new PSU3 but last copy left at kino taka. a few spotted at computer book store at funan and it's mph shop.
PSW, is this my first copy? special find: bape zine, 2 HD titles from That's Music (gramophone capitol's HD selection remains pathetic, and the prices were not like fab too, just marginally cheaper. and the return code1 dvd from laser falir.
i had a serving of meltz KFC in the car on my drive back. now the momo steering smells of cheeze and taco.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

king of comedy

trip to town demmed fruitful. PSU3 #8 scheduled out 2mrw evening finally came in, a day ahead. but i guess i should have avoided town, now ended up with another zine that i was to avoid, 360, but the horrorr article and the forza2 report was extensive, i couldnt resist. 2 titles of blu-ray disc adds to my collection, aeon flux and momento, from that's music midpoint. $54 each.
bought this on monday, but i failed to recall from where. ahh, kino liang court. but i'm surprise not to see it 2day at kino taka. strange but true.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

someone watches over me

twiggy of late is fond of sitting over huge pillows. a naughty chaps.
star wars insider new look. new publisher.

my remaining toys PART 1 : medicom star wars kubricks

after wiping out most of my toys collection (in exchange for cash for bad times) .... there are still great stuffs in my vaults, rare to some 21st century joiners.

star wars master replicas, medicom kubricks and be@rbricks, 12inch figures, star wars 3 3/4inchs are the remaining sections. and i must commemorate this as they are well streamlined. tho i wish to be a completist, it's apparently absurb unless we have unlimited funds. i'm still proud of my treasures.
2day we feature Star Wars Kubricks by Medicom toys. i was fortunate to have visited 1/6 project shop in tokyo in 2002. a concept toy shop specialized in medicom toys, hidden from the busy streets. digital life u can never trust, when your hard disk crash your negatives are goners.

this is PART1. my love for medicom toys and star wars collabration continues.
this is the mail-in set offered only in japan. i got this via ebay.
series 1 features the bounty hunters. medicom joined in the fun by releasing variants /chasefigures hidden in cartons. got this set from action city.
series 2, got this from falcon's hangar. i have the sandtrooper chase and the friggin dan variant. wow they are still bagged.
series 3. i was shocked one day when i checked to realized i didnt have the c3po. i must have mistakednly thrown it away. i oreder it as a individul item which cost a bomb. original set i got them from falcon's hangar. and i have the han solo out of carbonite chase.
i was at hong kong when this set was launched, series4. i was broked as usual and bought only vader, with a 12inch vader from superman toys. my wife shipped them in secretly when we return as a gift for me from ebay.
series 5 via falcon's hangar. bagged.
series 6 also from falcon's hangar. good sorce for my toys, i'm a long serving customer.
and series 7. blue guard chased figure. the new series should come sometime this year.
medicom tied down with toys r us with box set. one new set of 5 should be realsed anytime soon. i got the above both from Toyquest.
and the ultimate would be this gift from my wife. boba fett 400% bounty hunter shop exclusive. this is the rarer one.
and not forgetting another great set from my wife .... max rebo band set. awesome!
til next time i'll take more picutres of my rare toy collection. i would have a musuem, but now it's just a vualt remaining.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


anger is an energy anger is an energy

my teenage years i grew up listening to bands like the cure, jesus and the mary chain, the cult, the mission, the damned, all about eve. bands with a slight dark overtone, the gloomy music slightly goth, attracted me. i did have a pvc pants, not leather, dont wear eye liner tho.
we spin records and 45rpm singles we order from a place at forum galleria called "disc and records".
and then came jonhny hates jazz and kylie minogue .... and the stock, aiken, waterman revolution, and there was europop, that i went into a hiding. depeche mode became mainstream and life wasnt cool anymore.
and life dips deeper, i burrow into the shallows.

2007, 20years later .... listening to PiL reminds me of good ol days. cds imerged in the late 80s, my first cdplayer was a Sony.

the fusion of gaming and music was experimental in late 90s by trent reznor n idsoftware on quake, that such collabration was apparent for my new movement, the golden dawn.

my first item from .... a cd soundtrack of game metal gear solid: portable ops.

2 week old issue of EGM. next3 converted it's name to PCU3 and has a major delay by our local magazine distibutors. i'm not amused.

Friday, April 06, 2007

plush milo

hey i thought i'm gonna stop buying Playstation Official Magazine UK and Xbox World? well the contents look good. and there's the milo kids book with free plush milo and FiRST with a limited cover.

girl at kino was conversant to answer my questions, explaining PSU3 is the former Next3 and it's delayed, they didnt receive the shippment yesterday. that's the kind of sales person i wanna speak to.

so here goes for my list of magazines i'll follow:-
EGM US / Game Informer / Xbox World / PSU3 / Playsattion Official Magazine UK / Star Wars Insider
little plush milo is hanged on my rear view mirror now, dangling.
SHOOTER: a good movie, action packed, great acting from mark walhberg.

Monday, April 02, 2007

rattle snake shake

i used to lead a flamboyant lifestyle. not of clubs and alcohol, or women and exotic cars, styled apartments and member clubs, but of of rare toys, cool music, and a mind of my own.
fate has it's cruel intentions to get back at us.
i've only failed thrice, once on my taekwandoe, once on literature studies and finally my approach course in 1999. but failure seems like a neighbour of late, for the passed few years at least. i'm a walking disaster, or disaster walks with me like my shadow.
i've fought 2 devils at once and i won. but troubles never go away.
i've now got to give up this flamboyant lifestlye now. for passed few months, i've sold so much of my treasures that the numbness starts to hurt.
my wife just lost her job 2day, it'll mean more things must part me.
what's current in me now i guess is my games, my escapism to this torturous life, god put us on earth to get us tested, heaven is the ultimate end, not suicide or combustion.
i guess i'll go go for a sad dvd movie later, but i know i got plenty to do still, to list out 10 brothersworker figures. i hope they can fetch 1k or above, tho i must have paid more.
i would wish i could have all my belongings, to be with me to be displayed when i get my new home, a museum of great rare toys, but now, reality kicks in, like a curb stomp, fucking brutal, no time to think, just pure pain. all things my pass, all things must passed away.
i'm pretty into the francise of metal gear solid for the past few days. i love the artwork and this anti-hero snake is like the ultimate ego. my psp that my wife bought few years back is revived for my study on MGS.
call me snake, or big boss the legendary solider!

a short conversation ending up in a divorce

all things must pass
all things must passed away

i've got the chance to go to the cinemas 2day for a afternoon matinee, "the number 23". i went in with full anticipation, a movie reviewed as not so good by others, i went in as usual with an opened mind.

the obssesion with the number 23, how 23 itself is decoded to many incidents, added sum of dates and names, a strong story base that could almost be invented to another da vinci code, but ended with a lack lustre pyscho-mind drama. not a too strong portrayal this time by comedian 'i can be serious' jim carey as lead, co-starring scream queen toughie virginia "candyman" madsen, the movie went to it's peak of learning the truth to the reason of 23, dips deep into a non-related to the whole theory ultimately. 23 was forgotten in the movie and will be forgotten. i do find however a interesting view by the writer, to have walter sparrow's son to believe and join the quest of the truth to 23, a real life view of the new generation's interest in the paranormal and conspiracies of today's world. and who doesnt suspect their wife is having an affair, and to choose to close one eye or never.

life dips badly on mine too now. more of my tresures and love, will go to auction, need to generate more funds to fund the chasing banks .... sick, PUSH.