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Saturday, June 27, 2009

bravia S40

adrian sim posted a lead for the S40 bravia at only $399. i was out with the zombie family and when i checked on facebook and we planned to head there in the evening after the day's outing.

only the silver one is on sale. or what is left. adrian later said harvey norman has a same deal too. silver one is pretty cool.

here's the accessories. remote and manuals.

haha, tv in the kitchen. this will prob be the place when my wife or baby sleeps so i can carryon watching a blu-ray or play a ps3 game. that's the purpose of this tv isnt it?

the connection points are pretty standard for sony tvs. 2 hdmi at the rear with 3 comonents, few composite, and a dvi for the pc. a hdmi and a headphone jack at the side. the volume and channel changes are on the top.

a handle is provided for users to self screw to the tv so to lug the tv around. but will it be safe to just hold the handle, i suggest grabbing the bottom and the handle together for a safer lift.

now i'll need a extension cord so i can be more mobile. game on.

Friday, June 26, 2009

DJ Hero anyone?

will prob get this. the console looks cool. slated for late october this year.

hot toys beyond wong ka hui + lola nipple slip

mr wacko jacko passed away 2day of cadriac arrest in his home. i hope the hot toys MJ price will rise. this reminds me to pick up my wong ka hui of beyond by hot toys for some pictures.

this series has a metal badge on the top corner of the box. masterpiece.

the box opens to review a paper art of the figure.

figure has nice sponge packaging. very much like the exclusive limited brothersworkers.

the stand.

the version has a cream fender. the whammy bar bassed on a loose attachment. the 6strings are real strings. nice touch.

the accessories are bagged, and 2 extra hands. the rings on his fings are pretty cool. u get 3 right hand and 1 left hand in total.

singing pose for mr wong.

the guitar pick hand. it's fixed on his thumb.

the mic stand and mic is a great item. plenty of swivel possibility. this alone is worth over the 1993 version.

the accessories. i dunno what's that little chain for.

close up of mr wong. the guitar strap is tough to attach to the guitar. the holes on the strap end are abit small. exercise caution.

new beyond? bean in his beatles pose. mr wong and lola the dancer.

didnt know there's a magnectic system on triad's lola boots. this make her possible for compromising positions.

lola's nipple slip on her left boob [pix not shown] can become alittle annoying. need to adjust her mini bikini contsantly to keep the pinkie in. enuff said.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sideshow utapau clonetrooper

the sideshow shocktrooper pre-orders are opened and perhaps closed already. but a sleeper that slip thru my radar was utapau clonetrooper by sideshow.

this figure colors were not released by medicom as yet so sideshow is 1UP this time.

using hot toys inner body sure put a seal of "can buy" 12inch figures.

i'm no fond of mint, sure?

i saw it last nite while getting the triad lola. the price is right at $150 a pop.

utapau clone trooper poses with stormtrooper.

utapau clone trooper poses with mr bean.

my ipod transfer cable has gone missing. bought one 3rd party one at $19. ex. bought a moshi pouch for my phone too.

hope 2day marks a break for purchases .....

Monday, June 22, 2009

triad lola [bad] pictures

lola comes with a bag with detachable teddy, a leather weapon holster, a bomb and match with flame, and ATAC subs. these weapons looks pretty cool. the little ammo can be slotted into the magazine with spring action. i only slot 1 in each clip.

lola and spare hands

the face sculpt is pretty good. rooted hair is like quite a hot trend amongst 12inch collectors of late.

the pair of spare hands has a small hole that makes it tough to fit the ball joint on the wrist into the hands. had used blu-tag for this pose.

lola and her uzis, i think ....

lola with mr bean, who else.

and lola poses with a stormtrooper

2009, replacement phone and triad lola

this year isnt too much a year for me.

major strangeness to my mother's behavior.

car broke down, serious engine overhaul.

phone lost.

no promotion at work.

the last mis"event" makes me wonder how mediocre i am at work. a care-less and careless staff, never carried balls, never seen enuff at work, never over helpful, not a natural leader but a jester. well, wait is the only thing i can do, for next july for the next promotion season, b4 i get branded as condemned. have 2 air incident on my belt, i flex my bicep to flaunt, only to be the truth i am no good. so maybe i dress better, is that my fucking fault? see u next time, but in the meantime, time to hunt for a better job.

aside, this year is a beautiful year on a personal level. lucas brings greatest meaning to life. there is always hope, deep inside god continues to make me persevere what is tough for me but a stroll for others. lucas calls out while i'm blogging.

replaced my phone .... white version. the spare cover is pretty ugly with flowers on it.

and replaced my adi phone charm.

located lola by triad at CSC. $130. i think it's good price.

life is not about atc alone, i'm so entertained but so broke.

look out for this space 2mrw .... i'm gonna get the utapau clonetrooper. should have bought it earlier!!!!