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Saturday, June 06, 2009

nokia 63

bought nokia e63 and traded in my SE F305 in. bought my wife a 8gig mem card so i'll swap her 2gig card from her e71 to my new phone.

this is a bare version of the e71. what's left out?
1) metal body now plastic body
2) no volume side scroll
3) no secondary cam
4) smaller space bar but added 2 keys and a touchlite function
5) no GPS
6) 2meg cam instead of 3.2meg

then we went to m1 and i subscribe to a multi sim so i have 2 sim cards with the same number. sim card 1 will be on my SE W508 for phone calls and sms. sim card 2 will be in the e63 for internet data use.

crazy but true.

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