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Friday, June 26, 2009

hot toys beyond wong ka hui + lola nipple slip

mr wacko jacko passed away 2day of cadriac arrest in his home. i hope the hot toys MJ price will rise. this reminds me to pick up my wong ka hui of beyond by hot toys for some pictures.

this series has a metal badge on the top corner of the box. masterpiece.

the box opens to review a paper art of the figure.

figure has nice sponge packaging. very much like the exclusive limited brothersworkers.

the stand.

the version has a cream fender. the whammy bar bassed on a loose attachment. the 6strings are real strings. nice touch.

the accessories are bagged, and 2 extra hands. the rings on his fings are pretty cool. u get 3 right hand and 1 left hand in total.

singing pose for mr wong.

the guitar pick hand. it's fixed on his thumb.

the mic stand and mic is a great item. plenty of swivel possibility. this alone is worth over the 1993 version.

the accessories. i dunno what's that little chain for.

close up of mr wong. the guitar strap is tough to attach to the guitar. the holes on the strap end are abit small. exercise caution.

new beyond? bean in his beatles pose. mr wong and lola the dancer.

didnt know there's a magnectic system on triad's lola boots. this make her possible for compromising positions.

lola's nipple slip on her left boob [pix not shown] can become alittle annoying. need to adjust her mini bikini contsantly to keep the pinkie in. enuff said.


LEon said...

I like this figure becos the face is very well done. Unlike Hottoy MJ face do look weird. I bet Hottoy will do more of MJ now if licensing is alright. However given a choice, I will get wong ka hui Hot toy than MJ one.

sket said...

yes the MJ face do look weird. i guess if i have choice i will pick a "off the wall" MJ or "thriller" MJ, both which i think stands a high chance of being relived. Wong Ka Hui or MJ, and the rest, hot toys is really doing a great job and collectors are really appreciating their works.

desmond said...

Very nice score of Mr Wong..Lucky I am not a fan of Beyond!!