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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

uniqlo shirt + HDMI cable

my wife bought me a uniqlo tee from a local seller. this will be my number3 uniqlo tee. tho i dont read manga, this is a designer tee by a manga artist.

had some time to sneak out yesterday to grab a HDMI cable. with the baby born (lucas gabriel koh, aka LGK), my room is taboo to heat and sound as far as i think. so i shifted my PS3 out temp to the living room. the living room tee has a HDMI in whereas my room's tv dont. so far it seems sharper when i tested a blu-ray on the samsung tv. sony gallery sells this cable at cut-throat price of $105 but i found it at the vicinity of Best Denki at $65.

here's LGK .... 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


if you are looking for the person that will do the things you like, visit the places you wish, like who you are, your illness, your bad habits, your little virtues, the person never existed. 

we are just looking for ourselves. 

if i walked out earlier .... i could have been there for my dad. 


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

FEAR2 project origins

not in my to-buy list but it's not easy to pass by this game with gorgeous graphics and horror fear effect. i tried the demo, 3/4 love it, 1/4 skeptical. too many purchase already this year.

game comes with a foil embossed slip cover.

the game had some glitch when i started and i cant turn on my flash. not much fright at the start but it's a nice shooter

Saturday, February 14, 2009

godfather the coppola restoration blu-ray

bought from fellow forumer this set at $90. gramophone sells at $149.

pinnacle + ebay + from dusk til dawn + blu-ray tee

swapped/traded in my "HD moods: Beaches" with "from dusk til dawn" blu-ray at gramophone OUB. finished the movie at nite with my wife. it's clear sharp movie but not a keepsake. will be selling it with my godfather dvd 2001 set for cash to buy "godfather restoration" blu-ray from local forum seller.

ebay is just behind my soon-to-be-ready estate. slated to complete by 2010 Dec, but rumors some blocks will get the keys in sept 2009.

2 colleagues will be moving in the same block as me, block B, level 5 and level 23. if u count the mid portion which is 26, i'm 16th of the block on the left. another colleague who got same price as us will be at block D.

my blu-ray tee arrived from USA 2day. 6days to arrive, ordered by my wife via ebay. i am the last guy on earth without a ebay + paypal account. interesting but true. i want it to remain that way, so i restrict my purchasing lures.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

spyware in my system? cant blog

spyware has been detected by blogspot so i cant add pictures.

when the site is back the pictures will show.

bought queen greatest hits I II & III the platinum collection at a good $36+ from HMV. also boguth a $16 blu-ray of beaches scenes in HD. i'm till trying to find a disc that very much like those u see in the tv showrooms.

and queen live in montreal blu-ray from MJ vivo

my wife's new blythe ....

i never knew it's so advance at this bus stop. glad they have this feature. a long outing for me to the dentist to remove my stiches for my extracted tooth and other chores in town. sans driving, i could roam with no worry over parking fees ....

* blogspot still down with the sickness .... so i link my pix via photobucket to this site, pix are in various non-uniform sizes.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

natgeo feb + OPSM march

yuks, my phone cam pix results are not as vibrant as my loyal 3year old digi cam. bought 2 zines from pageone b4 fetching my wife. regret buying OPSM cos it's like one read and cost $15. the RE5 article was the attraction.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

i am legend blu-ray + iron man tee

with slight craze over the end of the world on 2012, i decided to grab "i am legend" ultimate collection blu-ray from gramophone. the single disc version is less superior with just the theatrical version, and worst compared to the dvd that has the alternate ending, so the ultimate version is the only way to go. 

the box is in foil. 

the goodies inside are:- 6foil cards, 1art book, 1film in a frame with multiple angles, the 3disc set. i've didnt watch the movie in the cinema, i'll start with the alternate version 2nite with my wife.

bought T3 from a petrol kiosk. my second zine for the year.

iron man tee arrived finally in the post. the LJxxxxxxx via USPS has no tracking so it came in in 10days.

Friday, February 06, 2009

bye molar

the dentist at AMK Hub Denticare said my root problem have at least 8mths history. it's true. i had a real bad sensitive tooth early last year then i had to skip the wake of my friend's dad. it was temp solved by a specialist and i rejected a root canal despite having a appointment.

last december it hit me again, and abcess has grown on the affect lower first right molar. and then the filling fell off. 

and with so much ba kua over CNY makes me heaty and the abcess didnt heal

just last week i went to cover up the fallen filling from my local dental and i was again recommended a specialist to solve the root problem. i wanted to delay it as it cost quick hefty so i went to get anti-biotics and anti-swell medi from the GP. it was almost healing.

this afternoon my mum offer me nice BBQ chicken from the neighbourhood  cooked food stall and she cautioned me there are tiny bones embedded. 

i heard a crack sound when the chewed chicken rolled from left to right of my mouth. the bone pierced thru a older filling and upon inspection i think my tooth broke and i can physically move a portion of the tooth. i ponder in horror.

i called the local dentist and they say yes please come see them again. i've done some research of a possible cheaper root canal at NTUC denticare so i tot why not start fresh there.

appointment at 3pm but only 445pm was my turn. there was an emergency hence. the dentist recommended me to go back to the recommended specialist from my local dental so he'll do a temp touch up. i have brought along my x-ray and he recognized its been delayed. 

and to he's dismay and my suspicion, my affected tooth had broke by the chicken bone indeed. no root canal can save me now. so was this fate advantages to me financially?

2 jabs and some cream my molar came out in three pieces. i did feel the yanking on the 2nd and 3rd piece guess my tooth was planted well. the dentist distracted me by telling me certain things during the extraction, and he kept checking if i'm ok, and to raise my left hand if any pain. i did once.

no rising mouth for 1week. swallow everything incl blood and saliva. no brushing of teeth til 1day night later. 45mins to change my gauze if still bleed. and no strenuous exercise. 

i was given 2days of MC + have to be on soft cold food.

as due to to the abcess my wound might take longer to heal. i've not taken the ponstan since the extraction, it's 4hrs already. so far so good, hope it stays that way. 

well, bye bye to my molar, will need to go for stitch removal in 1weeks time. and from there decide on an implant or a 1tooth denture by 1year.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

new phone W902 sony ericsson

this must be my 6th phone in 12months. use to use a phone for like 1year plus b4 swapping it. my last on, the G705 has bad batt life that i have to charge the phone everyday despite simple usage. the GPS hardware dont tag on to the satellites that easy that it falls into GPRS mode frequently. needless to say the no auto-focus cam function requires much effort in taking a picture for mms.

my wife has this W902 as well in black color for 2 months already. the sound is great and batt life is awesome. ok i did see the prada LG and it look fine but i dont think i can drive and sms with that. isnt it illegal?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

hot toys naked body

bought this figure this afternoon b4 work at action city. i saw this naked body by hot toys last night but contemplated if i should get. then i realized i got a set of clothing from the 2-in-1 supe and clark kent + a tony stark head sculpt i could instantly hook up a kitbash, so i went back to get it.

i brought 3 heads, a skull, the set of clothing and spare hands to try them out at work during my break.

this figure is a 2008 version with a not so-like tom cruise head. it's pretty easy to remove the packaging by ripping the unsealed bubble pack.

however the neck is tough to remove. i needed to remove the low swivel ball and change to the neck portion. needed a tool.

tried out 3 bashes .... the sketzombie headsculpt, the clark kent, and finally tony stark. ok that's not a sketzombie headsculpt. but if i'm not wrong it was a early 3zero's SDU uniform set [late 90s] that comes with a headsculpt by michael lau and no body. need to verify.

tony stark's dont fit well into this generic hot toys neck cos it's meant for the iron man transparent ball joint.

also i had some fun with the skulls.

Red Horse 1/6 skull

bought these 1/6 skulls for kicks from TFH. havent shop with them for a bit for now. 

these skulls are by a brand called red horse. i've never heard of them. read it from the TFH newsletter and knew they sure kick ass. they come in a set of 2, same colors, with removable mandibles. 

these skulls are of hard plastic, resin perhaps, worth the $14+ [b4 discount] i say. they also come in another pure white color but i chose the sand color version

these skulls are 1/6 accurate, they dont have a hinge to fit into your headless bodies. but perhaps with some blu-tac might do the trick. 

Singstar Queen revealed

Singstar Queen revealed .... certainly better than Singstar Abba

Queen has produced some of the most memorable songs in music history. So, it makes sense that they would get a SingStar game all to themselves. SingStar Queen is coming to PS3 and PS2, with the Blu-ray release getting 5 additional songs:
  • A Kind of Magic
  • Hammer to Fall
  • Killer Queen
  • Radio Ga Ga
  • The Show Must Go On
the general track list 
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • Bicycle Race
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Breakthru
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • Don't Stop Me Now
  • Fat Bottom Girls
  • I Want it All
  • I Want to Break Free
  • Innuendo
  • One Vision
  • Play the Game
  • Somebody to Love
  • These are the Days of Our Lives
  • Tie Your Mother Down
  • Under Pressure
  • We are the Champions
  • We Will Rock You
  • Who Wants to Live Forever
  • You're My Best Friend

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Resident Evil 5 demo

i've left the PS3 on "switch off when download is complete" mode. i left it running to download RE5 demo and FF7 AC complete from the JPN PSN.

many complained the graphics was so-so but i find it awesome. many complained no shoot-n-run by the main protaganist chris redfield but i find the demo relatively cool.

2 locations u can play the demo, he came with a female partner, the zombies are african and they are aplenty. 

my complain is the game makes me giddy despite being a vet ( <-played for many years but old in age ) FPS gamer. this thrid-person horror shooter make vertigoize me.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Liverool 2 chelsea 0, impossible is nothing

i was checking the results via GPRS at 2am when i finishing my work. it was 80mins where liverpool was on a stalemate with chelsea on the barclays league battle. i keep refreshing the page, tho was glad a draw game is bettr in anyway than a lose game. but on the 88min torres scored for liverpool. and gerrard almost make it 2-0. at a 5min injury time, i went to the loo and came up to refresh my phone, torres scored again on the 93rd min. amazing. 

but then i rem liverpool did lost in the last mins to man united in on of the fa cup games in the dying mins few years back. i know how it sucked to be the loosing team.

bought myself a fifa tee from the fifa shop at transit T3. also got a water bottle to replace my mouldy one at work.