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Thursday, February 12, 2009

spyware in my system? cant blog

spyware has been detected by blogspot so i cant add pictures.

when the site is back the pictures will show.

bought queen greatest hits I II & III the platinum collection at a good $36+ from HMV. also boguth a $16 blu-ray of beaches scenes in HD. i'm till trying to find a disc that very much like those u see in the tv showrooms.

and queen live in montreal blu-ray from MJ vivo

my wife's new blythe ....

i never knew it's so advance at this bus stop. glad they have this feature. a long outing for me to the dentist to remove my stiches for my extracted tooth and other chores in town. sans driving, i could roam with no worry over parking fees ....

* blogspot still down with the sickness .... so i link my pix via photobucket to this site, pix are in various non-uniform sizes.

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