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Saturday, February 14, 2009

pinnacle + ebay + from dusk til dawn + blu-ray tee

swapped/traded in my "HD moods: Beaches" with "from dusk til dawn" blu-ray at gramophone OUB. finished the movie at nite with my wife. it's clear sharp movie but not a keepsake. will be selling it with my godfather dvd 2001 set for cash to buy "godfather restoration" blu-ray from local forum seller.

ebay is just behind my soon-to-be-ready estate. slated to complete by 2010 Dec, but rumors some blocks will get the keys in sept 2009.

2 colleagues will be moving in the same block as me, block B, level 5 and level 23. if u count the mid portion which is 26, i'm 16th of the block on the left. another colleague who got same price as us will be at block D.

my blu-ray tee arrived from USA 2day. 6days to arrive, ordered by my wife via ebay. i am the last guy on earth without a ebay + paypal account. interesting but true. i want it to remain that way, so i restrict my purchasing lures.

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