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Monday, February 02, 2009

Liverool 2 chelsea 0, impossible is nothing

i was checking the results via GPRS at 2am when i finishing my work. it was 80mins where liverpool was on a stalemate with chelsea on the barclays league battle. i keep refreshing the page, tho was glad a draw game is bettr in anyway than a lose game. but on the 88min torres scored for liverpool. and gerrard almost make it 2-0. at a 5min injury time, i went to the loo and came up to refresh my phone, torres scored again on the 93rd min. amazing. 

but then i rem liverpool did lost in the last mins to man united in on of the fa cup games in the dying mins few years back. i know how it sucked to be the loosing team.

bought myself a fifa tee from the fifa shop at transit T3. also got a water bottle to replace my mouldy one at work. 


Little Plastic Man said...

Yeah!...But the problem is still domination but lack penetration...well a win is a win and I am happy...YNWA

Little Plastic Man said...
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sket said...

consider good for liverpool, i'm contented.