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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

hot toys naked body

bought this figure this afternoon b4 work at action city. i saw this naked body by hot toys last night but contemplated if i should get. then i realized i got a set of clothing from the 2-in-1 supe and clark kent + a tony stark head sculpt i could instantly hook up a kitbash, so i went back to get it.

i brought 3 heads, a skull, the set of clothing and spare hands to try them out at work during my break.

this figure is a 2008 version with a not so-like tom cruise head. it's pretty easy to remove the packaging by ripping the unsealed bubble pack.

however the neck is tough to remove. i needed to remove the low swivel ball and change to the neck portion. needed a tool.

tried out 3 bashes .... the sketzombie headsculpt, the clark kent, and finally tony stark. ok that's not a sketzombie headsculpt. but if i'm not wrong it was a early 3zero's SDU uniform set [late 90s] that comes with a headsculpt by michael lau and no body. need to verify.

tony stark's dont fit well into this generic hot toys neck cos it's meant for the iron man transparent ball joint.

also i had some fun with the skulls.


Joshua said...

hey bro..nice much did' you pay for the nude fig??

and you could use blutac for the hollow of the neck to keep it in place...


sket said...

was thinking of the same exact solution. thx. got the nude at $39.95