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Friday, February 06, 2009

bye molar

the dentist at AMK Hub Denticare said my root problem have at least 8mths history. it's true. i had a real bad sensitive tooth early last year then i had to skip the wake of my friend's dad. it was temp solved by a specialist and i rejected a root canal despite having a appointment.

last december it hit me again, and abcess has grown on the affect lower first right molar. and then the filling fell off. 

and with so much ba kua over CNY makes me heaty and the abcess didnt heal

just last week i went to cover up the fallen filling from my local dental and i was again recommended a specialist to solve the root problem. i wanted to delay it as it cost quick hefty so i went to get anti-biotics and anti-swell medi from the GP. it was almost healing.

this afternoon my mum offer me nice BBQ chicken from the neighbourhood  cooked food stall and she cautioned me there are tiny bones embedded. 

i heard a crack sound when the chewed chicken rolled from left to right of my mouth. the bone pierced thru a older filling and upon inspection i think my tooth broke and i can physically move a portion of the tooth. i ponder in horror.

i called the local dentist and they say yes please come see them again. i've done some research of a possible cheaper root canal at NTUC denticare so i tot why not start fresh there.

appointment at 3pm but only 445pm was my turn. there was an emergency hence. the dentist recommended me to go back to the recommended specialist from my local dental so he'll do a temp touch up. i have brought along my x-ray and he recognized its been delayed. 

and to he's dismay and my suspicion, my affected tooth had broke by the chicken bone indeed. no root canal can save me now. so was this fate advantages to me financially?

2 jabs and some cream my molar came out in three pieces. i did feel the yanking on the 2nd and 3rd piece guess my tooth was planted well. the dentist distracted me by telling me certain things during the extraction, and he kept checking if i'm ok, and to raise my left hand if any pain. i did once.

no rising mouth for 1week. swallow everything incl blood and saliva. no brushing of teeth til 1day night later. 45mins to change my gauze if still bleed. and no strenuous exercise. 

i was given 2days of MC + have to be on soft cold food.

as due to to the abcess my wound might take longer to heal. i've not taken the ponstan since the extraction, it's 4hrs already. so far so good, hope it stays that way. 

well, bye bye to my molar, will need to go for stitch removal in 1weeks time. and from there decide on an implant or a 1tooth denture by 1year.


woodhead said...

Damn... u take care dude.

sket said...

thx woody