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Saturday, December 26, 2009

hot toys michael jackson thriller version

the year never ended, looks like i bought more things then planned.

MJ thriller was on and off the radar. now with the final product being impressive i jumped in to get it again.

bought from toyscrazi's andrew at $240, a good price compared to action city's $289 b4 discount.

i pretty much only want the zombie version of michael.

Friday, December 25, 2009

sony mp3 player B-series [gift]

i was speaking to the sony guy my wife showed me a mp3 player, the NWZ-B142F/RC Red in color. yes i told her i like the red color one from the series.

i always love red ruby jewels, somewhat it reflects blood crystalized.

next i saw her having a huge sony style bag. oh my, how lovely, she bought me the mp3 player!!!

this mp3 player also known as the B-series can be used as a thumbdrive as well. the red spiral lite fools u with lites to the music. adding in songs is a drag and drop in he MUSIC folder.

but best of all, the sound qaulity is fucking awesome. music never comes so close to the ears, pumping into my heart. my first song played on this mp3 player is "stranger in a strange town" by thirty seconds to mars from the "this is war" album.

ok no ear buds, bought this at a dollar. this mp3 is one of my best xmas gift yet.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

more star wars helms by gentle giant

shouldnt have told my wife i like the rest too. she bought another 2 gentle giant helms for me after work. these miniature helms are pretty cool for desktop displays

a under-rated helm from star wars Ep4, the death star gunner helm.

the scout trooper helm actually has a flippable front piece. heheh.

hmv visit

drop elaine off and headed out to do chores. tho there's the xmas lunch at satcc, it's still more advantageous for me to be on leave today. the morning was dedicated to running from places to settle some new house prep.

with some time after the bizness i headed out to hmv via the train. i targetted to return in an hour, a pick and go, but for me to be at hmv for just that short stint is surely very not me. til date, hmv at heeren is still the preferred choice over 313sommerset. hmv now uses a re-cycle bag, nice.

my intention was to get 30 seconds to mars' old album "a beautiful lie". i've bought some tracks on iTunes but with their recent "this is war album", this album seems like a must again. the print on the cd was super cool, yet to verify which country this this is from. my take is USA disc despite not having the white label sticker.

upon arrival i headed the t-shirt section and was happy to find the new album's t-shirt. awesome! i was told not to inspect the tees, i just have to, found a medium size tee with the best middle print.

hey, bad price. "a beautiful lie" cd is $45.

and what the heck, i bought local version "pubiic enemies" blu-ray. almost got a heart-attack when i see he euro rating logo. my last encounter with a euro disc, my ps3 player cant play it. tested it, whew, can play.

this cd by this youngster was sounding real impressive on the pipe-in music at hmv, i ran thru all the tracks on the preview section, many ballads. think elaine will like it too.

hmv's new loyalty card. at a $1 or free if u buy above a 100.

a great hauls overall at hmv 2day. my very own xmas eve shopping.

my wife got me this at-at driver helm yesterday. it's by gentle giant. the stand isnt too cool cos there isnt a slot to hold the helm. i love the helm tho.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

head porter key pouch

clare from indie lab messaged me if i need any headporter stuff cos they are ordering from japan.

i realized i need a new key pouch from my new place at pinnacle.

their orders will come in beginning of jan so the timing blends well. i went thru the HK site but clare told me they will only get from the .jp store for authenticity. i didnt find a suitable key pouch but did signed up, am surprised now they have a international store.

few days later i made an order, it arrived 2day, only mere 3days via fedex. awesome ....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

bape tee from bape singapore

first bape item from singapore bape shop. kim formerly from far east plaza apparently is working there now. he have a piece of the exclusive bape singapore tee in large for me. nice.

the prices for the items are pretty much ebay prices, only in japan the bape items are cheaper, ccording to kim.

Friday, December 18, 2009

sony micorvault and THIS IS WAR

bought 2 micorvaults 2day. my wife love to keep files inside that it goes to max. bought a 4gig for myself, and a 8gig high speed for her. she used to have one, but had lost it.

30 seconds to mars new cd. one song in this album is in Dragon Age Origins, the ending credits song. i was waiting for this album, i'm not a fan of 30secs to mars but jared leto has been a actor that i am fond watching. 2 songs were in rock band DLC in the usa psn 2day, that caught my attention that their album could have been out already. our local cd has many diff insert over the original tiger cover.

Monday, December 14, 2009

scene it!

scene it finally arrive. exactly 21days .... via cduniverse ....

pinnacle@duxton keys collection

16-19, a great number ....

we attended the MM Lee key handling ceremony for pinnacle@duxton last night.we're pretty lucky to be selected, tho we did not received directly from MM Lee himself, but we are the lucky 88families to first get the key, and have a tour of the spectacular view from the sky garden on 50th storey.

we signed our deed on 10th, paid and started our PUB account, but keys only handed to us on this special occasion.

the boss i here. my first time seeing him up close and personal. am honored. apparently cantonment is where the first rental flats in singapore was built. plenty of rich history ....

the ministers take a shot

the keys !!!!

nice view really up at the top .... a nice buffet await our hungry stomaches at the reception

here's the gift for the night, a brochure, a HDB radio torch, and our key pouch with the 23 keys.

hey, here's our entrance .... 16-19 .... a beautiful gate waiting for us, the zombiefamily, like a promised land .... yes it is.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

buzz and karaoke revolution

bought ptom yesterday from pageone. sorta gone back to read this zine regularly again. bought for the consecutive 3 months. red mist? never heard of this movie, but it's horror on blu-ray, always a welcome ....

love the green and blue indication on the control panel, with a shinny surface ....

buzz quiz world and karaoke revolution. both from funzcentre. i played buzz demo in my psp and i love it. this isnt a movie/tv quiz [still waiting for my scene it to come], but i think i can download the pack from psn. rock revolution was supposedly a disaster, tot i read karaoke revolution go it right. i didnt check the song list but "shout" by tears for fears is stated on the back of the box.

maglite LED

bought a LED maglite for about $90 for 2mrw evening's use. guess it'll be pitch dark but sure it'll put into good use. this is the biggest maglite i ever have, feels so x-filesy ....

Thursday, December 10, 2009

ps3 slim .... earlier than expected

yes i planned to get the ps3 slim when it was launched. but i went ahead to get the psp go instead. then i tot maybe buy it when my new place is set up, but last nite my ps3 phat had a YLOD. i was 5 trophies to getting platinum for Assassin's Creed 2, got all my feathers ....

decided to sell these since the Guitar Hero franchise no longer appeal, and all my games are saves are stuck in the old phat, which i prob will not replay some of them, and sell borderlands to cut stress on uncompleted games, and also to reduce the price of my next PS3 slim.

i got a good deal, gotta wait for Crystal to be there, she gives me better price over chris i think, or maybe the same. adrian did a nice one to, giving me $250 for all the old games.

and i got this too .... free sorta

and a baggie to go along ....

now, to decide to set up a new account or use sketzombie still on the slim ....

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

projekt wesker: customized STARS team commander Wesker

i've decided to customized my hot toys wesker to a STARS commander of my styling. total cost $180 [hot toys RE5 wesker] + $90 [Very Hot CIA Afghan set] ....

here's my choice of parts from the 2 sets, step by step to the final look ....

hmm, what happened to the fleece jacket on the box cover? it became a sweat shirt with a silk screen logo. guess i got mistaken. 2 pairs of pants to choose from the set ....

adidas print on the back of the sweat shirt .... i'll remove wesker's trench coat and pants but keep his rubber top.

will give up the adi tactical boots for wesker's own ....

these knee pads are pretty fun to play with .... maybe i'm just outdated .... just hook em on and not slip thru the boots ....

wesker's choice of head dress will be the beanie ....

here's the adi scarf, that explains why the fleece jacket on the box look so good, cos it was covered up by this scarf.

cant use these adi glooves unless i go dig my loose flexi hands from my spares .... decided to use wesker's own gloves ....

will opt out the SBO and just use the bulletproof vest ....

hope i wore it right ....

wesker's own belt [left] looks much better

gotta use the afghan set's pistol, too bad the rest dont fit into the holster ....

side tactical pouch, hmm, it covers the adi logo on his pants ...

and i fit the cable tie into it

the adi waist pouch on the frontal

coupa of choices for his watch and cell and shades, i chose all wesker's original

his cell phone holster on the back right

check out the veins on his arms ....

nice adidas haversack. all the zips on the pouches and bags are useable.

wesker's choice of small arms will be his long barrel revolver .... the magazine pouches from his over shoulder sling remains empty on the right side.

this blade holster is pretty tough to add, the hooks are in a bad angle. superguled a portion cos it broke off

here's my final product, a customized wesker for the STARS commander look .... hope u like how he looks

spend my whole evening doing wesker .... neglected my son lucas .... time to play with him .... and i've not even play any playstation3 games 2day yet ....