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Monday, December 14, 2009

pinnacle@duxton keys collection

16-19, a great number ....

we attended the MM Lee key handling ceremony for pinnacle@duxton last night.we're pretty lucky to be selected, tho we did not received directly from MM Lee himself, but we are the lucky 88families to first get the key, and have a tour of the spectacular view from the sky garden on 50th storey.

we signed our deed on 10th, paid and started our PUB account, but keys only handed to us on this special occasion.

the boss i here. my first time seeing him up close and personal. am honored. apparently cantonment is where the first rental flats in singapore was built. plenty of rich history ....

the ministers take a shot

the keys !!!!

nice view really up at the top .... a nice buffet await our hungry stomaches at the reception

here's the gift for the night, a brochure, a HDB radio torch, and our key pouch with the 23 keys.

hey, here's our entrance .... 16-19 .... a beautiful gate waiting for us, the zombiefamily, like a promised land .... yes it is.


desmond said...

Congrats bro! is this your new house? A condo or HDB flat? Looks so beautiful..

Kenny said...

Grats man, the view is breath-taking.

sket said...

just a HDB desmond. thx kenny.

deSMOnd said...

I read the newspaper. The price is very very expensive..I am currently looking for 2nd hand flat as well..