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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

projekt wesker: hot toys resident evil 5 albert wesker + CIA afghan BDU

this caught my attention this morning in an email from falcon's hangar. a CIA afghan trooper uniform set by Very Hot at $100 a pop.

the main attraction was the fleece top and adidas accessories ....

albert wesker from the recent release from hot toys 12inch line came into mind as the naked man to fit into the uniform set.

managed to locate a guy selling the wesker head sculpt at $55 at . he dont mind selling me too the complete body at $100.

his meeting time was not to my convenience in a sense, so i decided to try china square central. there i met andrew at toys crazi, he had a wesker with body at only $50 but sold out. his wesker is at $180, compared to AC's at $220, this is quite steal. after a few rounds of patrolling, i made my kill.

i was heading home without the afghan suit despite it at $90 from the shop cramped in the corner at ground floor. my wife called. we discussed about it, she thinks it's very me to get this adidas set, and my rational was to celebrate the whole LKY event coming up on 13th Dec. i'm glad she like wesker when she looked in the net over the phone .... which i've already bought.

albert wesker, the prolific antagonist. awesome. now RE5's DLC's gonna come out real soon, absolute timing.

his weapons are pretty cool, all RE5 weapons in the hot toys range are cool, exactly what you see in the game. makes me wanna collect em all. but dont we all demand a jill valentine set please?

i've never really like this midnight suit. i prefer his upcoming STARS version .... but his red eyes are hard to resist for now. but it turned out his suit is pretty nice, especially the rubber shirt top.

hmm nice strange stuff in the packaging, and nice flip side painting as well.

his eyes light-up switch is hidden in his hair at the side of his neck.

nice sculpt

here we have it, the super cool eyes ....

quite an elaborate set of weapons ....

and a nice cockable 3barrel shotgun ....

here's the rubber top, i reckon the jacket and pants will disintegrate over time in singapore climate ....

this concludes part1 of my wesker projekt .... next up, customizing wesker to a STARS commander


desmond said...

Great score for your adidas set.

sket said...

all time fave, must have 4 me sadly