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Thursday, December 24, 2009

hmv visit

drop elaine off and headed out to do chores. tho there's the xmas lunch at satcc, it's still more advantageous for me to be on leave today. the morning was dedicated to running from places to settle some new house prep.

with some time after the bizness i headed out to hmv via the train. i targetted to return in an hour, a pick and go, but for me to be at hmv for just that short stint is surely very not me. til date, hmv at heeren is still the preferred choice over 313sommerset. hmv now uses a re-cycle bag, nice.

my intention was to get 30 seconds to mars' old album "a beautiful lie". i've bought some tracks on iTunes but with their recent "this is war album", this album seems like a must again. the print on the cd was super cool, yet to verify which country this this is from. my take is USA disc despite not having the white label sticker.

upon arrival i headed the t-shirt section and was happy to find the new album's t-shirt. awesome! i was told not to inspect the tees, i just have to, found a medium size tee with the best middle print.

hey, bad price. "a beautiful lie" cd is $45.

and what the heck, i bought local version "pubiic enemies" blu-ray. almost got a heart-attack when i see he euro rating logo. my last encounter with a euro disc, my ps3 player cant play it. tested it, whew, can play.

this cd by this youngster was sounding real impressive on the pipe-in music at hmv, i ran thru all the tracks on the preview section, many ballads. think elaine will like it too.

hmv's new loyalty card. at a $1 or free if u buy above a 100.

a great hauls overall at hmv 2day. my very own xmas eve shopping.

my wife got me this at-at driver helm yesterday. it's by gentle giant. the stand isnt too cool cos there isnt a slot to hold the helm. i love the helm tho.

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