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Friday, December 25, 2009

sony mp3 player B-series [gift]

i was speaking to the sony guy my wife showed me a mp3 player, the NWZ-B142F/RC Red in color. yes i told her i like the red color one from the series.

i always love red ruby jewels, somewhat it reflects blood crystalized.

next i saw her having a huge sony style bag. oh my, how lovely, she bought me the mp3 player!!!

this mp3 player also known as the B-series can be used as a thumbdrive as well. the red spiral lite fools u with lites to the music. adding in songs is a drag and drop in he MUSIC folder.

but best of all, the sound qaulity is fucking awesome. music never comes so close to the ears, pumping into my heart. my first song played on this mp3 player is "stranger in a strange town" by thirty seconds to mars from the "this is war" album.

ok no ear buds, bought this at a dollar. this mp3 is one of my best xmas gift yet.

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