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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

bad pictures of assembled wolf predator of hot toys

this wolf predator from AvP Requiem is quite a bitch to assemble. if tjis is touch i really cant image how bad the previous models are.

1) the plug of the spring wire that connects parts to parts, the holes are not well drilled, and it falls of easily.
2) u'll prb need to head the hole below the head to fit into the neck.
3) the loincloth is quite tough to fit up his buttocks.

i have left my assembly instruction paper at home while i fix him up in my in-laws. encounterd some hiccups that make me sweat.

this is his left hand computer.

the compartment can be open up. if he is defeated, he'll detonate a self-destruct bomb with this.

the left hand gauntlet

blades are extendable with well painted chrome look

no elbow 360 rotation. the articulation is at his bicep.

the trohpy necklace.

you're one ugly muthafucka

2 left hand and 1 right hand

spear at longest length

medium length


his whip and boomerang frisbee

posed with his box

yellow background



now how am i gonna bring him home safely ??

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i was at ya-kun when i received a sms from junshen. he's bought GTA4 SE at gamescore this morning. gamescore opened their shop at 930am to cater for the gamers' early-bird-rush. the ps3 SE version sold out at 11am. the local distributer brought in R2 PAL versions for this game, regardless normal or special edition. i had my R1 version ordered thru amazon. tho i do get a little freebie by ordering thru amazon, but i really wouldnt mind this round to get a R2 PAL locally if it's on a global launch day. after much contemplation, i bought the R2 version, and will sell it off when my arrives thru the mail. found a blu-ray movie at laserflair .... hmm more christain bale.

nice foil outline on the embossed text of the game cover.

my fog lamp dropped off this morning. must have been that bad hump i drove across at high speed last nite. i swapped both lamps from normal to white lamps this time. $35 damaged. dream of a rush still ....

Monday, April 28, 2008

hot toys wolf predator from AvPR

bought my wolf predator from hing hing crazy toyz at $380 this evening. lowest price i can locate locally so far. think release price when first out should be $250 or less. the shop owner andrew has another great piece, the US imited edition of AvP ancient predator at $800. wolf pred wll be my sole pred for now ....

this is the foil slip cover, with flash photography.

w/o flash it's duller.

this the the back of the slip cover.

this is the inner front picture of the box.

and the back.

the box opens with the flip to the left with see thru holes of yr disassembled pred.

the right side ....

and the left side ....

the goodies are stacked in such u have a protective bubble then the first layer of parts follow by another layer of cover then the second stack.

this is the top deck

and the bottom deck .... the instruction set is sticked to the underneath of the lower deck. inside the instructions becareful as there are 5 springs and 2 threads that i almost lost some of the springs accidentally ...

will be watching some vids of AvP making of again. this dvd i bought last nite is useful info for my chracter study. does explains alittle detail like the skull of the alien in predator2, how AvP is connected to the alien series, which predators appear in AvP, and a nice Todd McFarlane interview. so i'll leave the wolf predaor in the box and fix him up 2mrw.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


just came home from HMV. my intention was to buy the 2disc AvP region3. located a region3 Predator 1+ 2 dvd as well. there was a region1 Predator with all the making of but i guess this movie is a little to old so i skipped that for this 2-in-1 disc. this reminds me of the Conan 1+2 i got back then but that had all the bells and whistles. small feature on the left, MGSPO+ i got few days back from funzcentre at $35.

so why not get AvP on blu-ray? AvP on blu-ray does not have any making of documentries. it does have a cool feature of watching in on theatrical cut or uncut version but my focus for this phase is to understand the AvP storyline. but if i really love the movie, u never know, i might back myself up with the blu-ray version. so why not get the blu-ray for Predator? again, reviews say the transfer was bad so this Predator 1+2 is a good deal, and it helps me to complete my character study for the Predator series as well. a good catch tonight.

i've parked illegally outside heeren for 15mins. as i left my car another had a traffic police slip over his windscreen. i took the risk but was declared safe when i completed my expedition.

now .... i'm contemplating on Wolf Predator 12inch by hot toys. my lowest find at CSC 2day is $380. possibly a $120 from he release price. there's 3 Predators from the Predator 2 series hot toys had produced and a big bunch of Preds from AvP series. AvP2 only has Wolf predator. the hunt continues ....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"portable battery dries up" phobia

boy i'm feeling the tinge of hunger. i had soup while my wife had wagyu at culina, a niche eatery+supermart. across the street in the revamped of dempsey road, is a organic supermart cum eatery as well. bunched in the compound, packed with expats and wannabes and minority of lookers feast in organic non fatty vege healthy dining in pure pretentiousness. i'm just happy to be across the divider.

cookies never tasted better. i have to eat lite. 2 weeks of runway3 duty has damaged my digestive system.

bottled drinks from in italian flavor. the six pack is a flavor called "bloody orange" while the solo bottle is "bitter citrus" .... will be skipping the entire Euro08 football championship this summer. why? cos england's not playing? and pple wonder why in this modern age do old folks like me still hardcore on the english national team.

updating my psp to 3.95. foolish somemightsay, why not play a mod set with downloaded games .... hell, do i fucking look like a pirate? i rather be a carrot. i've also come in terms to focus on a local slim and lite PSP2006, instead of a silkscreened back with limited prints. now , what color to choose?

a picture of a chocobo .... think i'm in a FF phase ....

i have a phobia. a phobia of my devices goes dry of it's portable power .... .... anyone know whats the name of this phobia ??

psp slim / video games played part 3 (PSP)

my wife bought me a black piano psp via ebay in 2005. then it cost close to SGD600 for it's only available in japan. for a long period it was in hibernation as there werent many appealing games.

til date the games i've played on psp are (red completed):-

ridge racer 6 (my wife's) (R2/JPN)
NFS underground (R2/JPN)
sim 2 (R1) SOLD
carol voderman's sudoku (R1)
silent hill origins (R1) SOLD
god of war: chains of oylmpus (R1) SOLD
FFVII Crisis Core (R1)

i've still got 1 R2 PAL movie as my psp phat is R2 JPN. title of the movie is a classic horror i've watched when i was a kid, it's "Evil Dead" which i bought thru psp and ps3 consoles can play any region's games, in other words, they play their respective game region free. but the console itself is region coded so you can watch umd movies or dvd based on their respective regions only. R2 belows to 2 major regions, which are UK and Japan.

psp slim has since launched with many added features. most important features to me are it's longer battery life and bigger cache that reduces loading time.

waiting for some miracle and extra dole, below are the 2 potential sets that i wish to owned 1. but will my phat psp be neglected? nope. both will be played and loved.

this is the R! star wars battlefront renagade squadron entertainment pack. not too sure if the game appeals .... current lowest price located is SGD320

this is the final fantasy VII crisis core entertainment pack. R2 JPN. set comes with a japanese version of crisis core and a buster sword charm. located price is $600, but should be slightly lower.

there were 2 previous sets that were so cool, the MGSPO limited versions. but now they no longer serve their duty as a new psp should be the slim set .... the wait continues

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

amazon 11days

looks like the customs are not too busy lately. 11days it took for international priority shipping from amazon to arrive singapore. hope my GTA4 SE will also be taking below 15days when it ships out. arrive 2day are Walk Hard blu-ray + my NIN Ghost I-IV cd.

AVPR was a good movie to me despite the b-grade movie rating it was awarded. am keen in the hot toys AVPR Wolf Predator. cost about SGD500 in the local market now resale by scalpers.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the sixth day

nice of my stuff to come in the mail 2day. wasnt gonna expect a on-time arrival of the "6th day" from play-asia via free shipping but it beats me to it 2day. from this shipment is Crisis Core OST and HK version of AVP2 blu-ray disc.

also i've sold my R2 PAL GT5 Prologue this morning and bought the R1 version.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

video games played part 2 (PS3)

below the list of PS3 games i've played. in red are games i've completed the storyline .... quite a long list, of unfinished bizness .... either the game are crap or i got lazy .... hmm 

assassin's creed R3 SOLD
assassin's creed R1 SOLD
call of duty 4: modern warfare <--
condemned 2 SOLD
dark sector SOLD
eye of judgement SOLD
gundam musou SOLD
heavenly sword
John Woo presents: Stranglehold LE SOLD
Lego Star Wars: the complete Saga SOLD
motorstorm SOLD
ninja gaiden sigma SOLD
hot shots golf: out of bounds <--
rainbow 6 vegas 2 SOLD
resistance fall of man
ridge racer 7 SOLD
rock band SE <--
singstar SOLD
spider-man LE SOLD
uncharted Drake's fortune <--
unreal tournament 3 SOLD
virtua figher 5 SOLD
wwe Smackdown vs Raw 08 LE SOLD

update .... condemned 2 sold on 21st april 2008

update .... GT5P R2 PAL SOLD on 22nd April 2008
update .... GT5P R1 bought on 22nd April 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

video games played part 1 (xbox360)

below a list of xbox 360 games i've played since may 06. games in red are those i've completed the storyline of the game. prob wont be buying another 360 .... my machine no longer feels reliable ....

assassin's creed SOLD
aquzone SOLD
bioshock SOLD
blue dragon SOLD
command and conquer SOLD
condemned SOLD
crackdown SOLD
CSI: Hard Evidence SOLD
DOA xtreme2 SOLD
dead rising SOLD
dirt SOLD
ElderSCrolls: Oblivion <--
ForzaMotorSports2 SOLD
Gears of War  <--
Ghost Recon SOLD
Guitar Hero 2 SOLD
Guitar Hero 2 SOLD
Guitar Hero 3 SOLD
Orange Box SOLD
Halo3 <--
Lego SW: Complete Saga SOLD
Lost Planet SOLD
Marvel Alliance SOLD
Need for Speed Carbon SOLD
Ninety-Nine Nights SOLD
oneechanbara vortex SOLD
Perfect Dark Zero GH SOLD
Rainbow Six Vegas SOLD
Ridge Racer 6 SOLD
Superman Returns SOLD
shutokou battle x SOLD
the GodFather SOLD
Tomb Raider Anniversary SOLD
Tomb Raider Legend SOLD
viva pinata SOLD

l'amour looks something like you

my mobile phone fell off my porter pouch at home. there's some serious curse. i told my wife about that scratch on the phone from the incident and her phone fell off her pouch at nite.

my loyal psp waas happy to have a new game. the mission counter reminds me of star wars galaxies. i'm lving this game ....

and a game cant do w/o a good guide .... they always compliments each other

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


been delaying an expedition to HMV. avoidance is bliss, the fear, the possibility of buying, avoidance is bliss. 2nite i had some time. my pure intention is to locate "the kick inside" by kate bush.

my wife brought a cd down to the car, she had it awhile back .... "when angels sing", a compilation of great female vocals of our time, where we got from gramophone. an astonishing track caught me, the distinct vocals, it was kate bush. the song was "moving", which i then found out it was the first track from her first album (1978). and "wuthering heights" was like my all time fave kate bush song, and it's in her first album" the kick inside". i once had a cassette tape, "the whole story", a greatest hits album with "wuthering heights" in new vocals. my mind was set, i need this album.

i had ordered "ghost i-IV" by nine inch nails thru amazon. i would think it wouldnt be that fast HMV will have this cd, and i'll prob be a EU pressing. but to my depress and disappointment, i saw it 2nite. i gotta hold my cool, no double copies please .... i have to wait for my shipment to arrive .... and i got a ayumi single .... it says "mirrorle world" .... but in the end the song is "mirror" in the mix. avoided also a mika nakashima single. i figure if i wanna get any japanese artist singles, i must make sure there are some form of remix or alternate version, cos mostly, these artist will compile all their singles and b-sides and put it all in the album ultimately. instrumental version of the song in the single does not warrant a purchase, my motto.

~ moving
moving stranger, does it really matter?
as long as you're not afraid to feel
touch me, hold me, how my open arms ache
try to fall for me

how i'm moved, how you move me
with your beauty's potency
you give me life, please dont let me go
you crush the lily in my soul

moving liquid, yes, you are just water
you flow around all that comes in your way
dont think it over, it always takes you over
and sets your spirit dancing

Saturday, April 12, 2008

a day at the races

we had gone to bugis for some chores and i popped in adidas shop for a glance as my love for this old brand had rekindled. bought a nice bag that i can now dump all my stuff from my small zara shoulder bag + my macbook all in. to get things more organized, i latr bought a little pouch from kinokuniya to contain all my little pouches into one. this bag is amazing, it has so many little pouches and zipholes. but it canbe a little heavy when my macbook gets in. it's a all in one bag now .... do not touch ....

at 3pm we droved to the kranji wall memorial for our photo shoot. the weather was pretty crazy at noon but blew off by mid afternoon.

my wife's 3 girls on the field

a guitar hero from a galaxy far far away??

troopers on the prowl

tribute to the dead and wounded heroes

the kerroossss .... my favourite tomb

matt face blythe best for photo shoot

after the shoot, we proceeded to liang court macdonalds for picture viewing ....

i always love the calpis drink .... found this soda version 2day. i had hated the milk version but this soda was is col. saw a few alcoholic version

yeah, my first porter catalog from kino ....

a well spent day ....