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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

socom + headset bundle at $39

bought this at $39 from funzsquare. i had always wanted this bluetooth headset so now it's comes at the right time. i sold the game off, sealed at funzcentre at $20, so the headset cost $19. wait has its virtue.

Friday, March 27, 2009

guitar hero metallica

this game is out yesterday. a fellow GAX forum gamer got his from gamescore last nite. i panicked and pm jimmy and jac to reserve a copy. collected mine today.

got myself a long awaited pair of tv headphones for gaming + movie.

took care of lucas yesterday while my wife went out to meet a friend. i was rewarded with these nice sushi.

i brought my PS3 back to the room yesterday but there was a blank screen. apparently, i need to reset the connection type, which i use hdmi in the living room while component in the room tv. lesson learnt. but more breakdowns discovered. my 360 no longer can power up and a spare mac charger had went amok as well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

QoS blu-ray + biohazard5 hot toys preview

bought the local version quantum of solace blu-ray from laser flair 2day. we headed out to junction8 with lucas for the first time. milestone outing for him, 1hr26mins.

a preview of biohazard 5's hot toys duo i got from the forum sneaked on a magazine. looks like i'm gonna skip chris redfield cos rubber muscular body really suck. had many bad past experiences.

hasbro c3p0

came in the mail yesterday was another uniqlo tee from my wife, ordered and sent from HK.

c3p0 poses .... the light up eye feature is pretty fun. best articulatable c3p0 ever.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

RE5 guide, WWE Legends of Wrestlemania

was a busy week setting up lucas' full month mini celebration. next big thing for him will be his injections.

glad i still find time to hook up some games but now at the living room instead of my room. less privacy, and my cheap sound setup is def better then the living room.

been waiting for the arrival cos this RE5 collector's guide only arrive today via package instead of thru the mail. took 8days.

the guide comes with the art section plus a free wall calender

a pretty nifty guide, comparable to MGS4's

decided to get the R3 version for WWE legends of wrestlemania instead of R1. R1 will be release on 24th March to coincide with some launch with wrestlemania 25. the import function for the wrestlers in SvR2009 are in-game. dont need u to pop the disc, they will detect your game save instead.

so many things so little time ....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

burnout paradise ultimate box + trivial pursuit

popped over to amk funzcentre to check if they do sell ps3 jewel cases. intended to grab a cheap or 2nd hand game and dispose the game and swap the jewel case. saw the nice red case for greatest hits. not many titles and they cost $49. then there's the silver opaque case for uk greatest hits. second hand games go as low as $25 but the condition of the case sucked. then there's rachet and clank game at $39. just as i was paying, crsytal told me the EA titles now are buy1 at $10 discount while buy2 at $30 discount. i picked up R3 burnout paradise ultimate box and R3 trivial pursuit instead.

i'm gonna leave the crack case alone. have swapped singstar abba case with prince of persia. sticked a tape over the cracked portion.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

missing disc in Prince of Persia Limited Edition

i recalled at north point's comics connection there was the prince of persia limited edition for ps3. the limited edition was supposedly a gamestop exclusive. i had skipped this game due to many titles during it's release time in Dec 2008. but 2day, and also partially due to seeing the limited edition guide at kinokuniya yesterday, and also partially i only have RE5 in the queue for my gametime, and also partially the epilogue DLC, the whole prince of persia hype came alive.

called the yishun branch and it's sold out. called a few branches and other shops and they are all sold out. i called yishun branch again, i told the sales person behind the phone, could it be on the display window that u missed out that i last saw, his reply was yes that copy was sold. he suggested i call the head office as they have the system to check which store has it.

jessica called me after awhile when she located the prince of persia limited edition at causeway point. they suggested they bring it down to bishan branch by 2morrow if not tonight for me. i called elaine and we decided to pop over to causeway point to get it.

my mom had caught a cold so we brought lucas along for is first official shopping expedition all the way to woodlands. we had his diaper kit and milk kit in his faithful backpack. we grab the stuff at causway point and left within minutes.

i bought the collector's guide at the branch too. it cost $45 and the game at $89.

the guide contains a nice artwork in a sealed envelope.

the cover and the back are foil printed.

and too there's the artwork section.

but upon inspection of the game, there's a empty envelope which my "making of" blu-ray is missing. i ran thru the game disc, which is a normal copy of the game, i cant find any limited edition content. i checked the internet and indeed my copy is supposed to have an extra disc. i called comics connection, as it's the last piece there's really nothing much can be done now. they will call the supplier to check if they still have stock and will replace me a copy of the "making of" disc, if not they will give me a slight discount or i can exchange for another game.

pretty cockup for all the effort to get this limited edition, tho frankly i am comfortable with the normal version now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

hasbro clone war figures

found these at taka at $25 for any 2. there's also plo koon and count dooku but i restricted myself to the 2 i have been hunting. hve not been following the clone wars tv series. let's hope a blu-ray comes in soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

guitar hero III rebuy

bought guitar hero 3: legends of rock from fellow gax forum gamer. i've had the 360 version, then the ps3 r4 version but have sold both sets. rebuy it on ps3 R1 version for just one particular DLC song .... steve vai's "for the love of god" guitar virtuoso set. cover isnt in the best condition, but it's $45 sans guitar and surely will serve the trick.

* just tested my entropay linked to the usa psn. loaded $20 usd into the entropay account and transfer the amount into usa psn account. works well still.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

chris cornell scream cd / quarantine + awake BR

found chris cornell's cd scream at hmv 2day. dont see mika's greatest hit's cd yet. bought long delayed awake blu-ray at 30% off from gramophone and quarantine blu-ray too. have not even watch ip man blu-ray and will try to find time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

biohazard5 sountrack

my biohazard5 soundtrack came in the mail 2day, taking 7days this round via playasia free postage mail. the box presentation is similar to DMC4 OST, both from capcom. a 3disc set.

my mum's friend gave her presents for lucas. the brand is of the clothing is rather interesting.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

surprise uniqlo tee and RE5 CE making of content

i was hoping my biohazard5 OST will come in the mail, but instead 2 packages for my wife. and she gave me one, it's a surprise Uniqko tee.

this is another designer tee, of key coffee in japan. uniqko branch will open soon in singapore. i dont look forward for any local collaboration.

RE5 CE making of disc content .... nothing interesting really.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

resident evil 5 R1 collector's edition PS3

received a call from jimmy from gamescore in the late morn that Resident Evil 5 CE for ps3 has arrived the store. the game is scheduled to be released on 13/3 friday but somehow they managed to get it early. i tied down with my wife to bathe lucas when i come home. submitted a thread at gameaxis forum to sell my R3 version and response was instant.

in my mind was still the superior R2 LE .... that has the tricell 2Gb thumbdrive. when i did my reservation with gamescore i enquiry the product and was advised it will be costly and very limited. indeed it was, playasia sold out within hours at $350 range.

gamescore was pretty packed when i arrived. spotted jimmy and handled him the $100 gs voucher i won last christmas. jimmy showed me the R2 LE. awesome. $350. the R2 LE and normal version has the making of vids incorporated into the game disc. so the rest of the goodies will be the artbook, the sling pouch, a little wallet which all i dont need, but the tricell thumbdrive is certainly cool.

so does the R3 LE suck? the R3 LE comes with a chainsaw miniature that is a thumbdrive. it's gimmicky, but some might like it. what is bad is that the making of vids are stored in dvd disc rather than blu-ry disc. at $120, i find that short changed. the duo cover seems fun tho.

i sold my R3 disc. reason for buying R1 is for DLC possibility and continuity of my R1 collection. but this round the R1 CE suck too. the figure is in bad quality, who would wear that africa continent necklace, the messenger bag seems cheapo, but the patch looks alrite.

i guess steelbook lovers will wanna have this set. so i guess my choice is still rite. cos i want the making of in a solo blu-ray disc and i'm eager for the unscheduled DLC for Resi5.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Playstation The Official Magazine April09

didnt finish nor start my Feb NatGeo zine. have decided to follow PTOM again. what used to be just $7 now $15 but today at $12.50, i grabbed it despite semi attractive content. the free Qore is still worth paying for this zine.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Ip Man blu-ray

i hope i'm not in the buying spree, but this month really is a month full of potential things to buy. here's a blu-ray disc, Ip Man.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

sembawang shopping centre purchases + Resi5 R3

visited SSC this afternoon while IP MAN was napping. until i buy Ip Man Buy-ray, Lucas adopts the moniker of Ip Man as he's punches and kicks are pretty pugilistic. we shopped at Daiso for $2 a pop goodies and i ravaged Comics Connection for Resi5 R3 and Fear2 guide. there's also Laser Flair but the layout and collection of blu-ray isnt as cool as the branch at J8. bought 2 little signs, one for the car and one for the door room. also bought a $2 metal ruler. while Pearlie White's floss sucks, i have to rebuy oralB's floss for my weakening jaw of teeth.

Resi5 R3 disc comes with a japanese cover in the flipside of the front cover. but it still is R3 not R2 logo for the region coding. notice the name of the game is Biohazard5 as it's called in Japan. will i sell off this copy when my R1 CE comes in then?

supe ponders .... have u overspent.