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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

QoS blu-ray + biohazard5 hot toys preview

bought the local version quantum of solace blu-ray from laser flair 2day. we headed out to junction8 with lucas for the first time. milestone outing for him, 1hr26mins.

a preview of biohazard 5's hot toys duo i got from the forum sneaked on a magazine. looks like i'm gonna skip chris redfield cos rubber muscular body really suck. had many bad past experiences.


Mizu said...

How long before a rubber body starts to disintegrate? I have the Biohazard 4 Krauser but he seems fine atm. I haven't taken him out from the box tho.

I'm anticipating more Hot Toys Video Game figs. Biohazard 5 is fair game too. :3

sket said...

my brothersworker tank took about 1 year. sdu took like few months. another brothersworker figure didnt cos they might have improve the quality. the solution is to stretch the figure regularly. like rubberband it needs stretching. if not dap with powder like what we did in the army for the dinghy, mint in box shld be safe.