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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

missing disc in Prince of Persia Limited Edition

i recalled at north point's comics connection there was the prince of persia limited edition for ps3. the limited edition was supposedly a gamestop exclusive. i had skipped this game due to many titles during it's release time in Dec 2008. but 2day, and also partially due to seeing the limited edition guide at kinokuniya yesterday, and also partially i only have RE5 in the queue for my gametime, and also partially the epilogue DLC, the whole prince of persia hype came alive.

called the yishun branch and it's sold out. called a few branches and other shops and they are all sold out. i called yishun branch again, i told the sales person behind the phone, could it be on the display window that u missed out that i last saw, his reply was yes that copy was sold. he suggested i call the head office as they have the system to check which store has it.

jessica called me after awhile when she located the prince of persia limited edition at causeway point. they suggested they bring it down to bishan branch by 2morrow if not tonight for me. i called elaine and we decided to pop over to causeway point to get it.

my mom had caught a cold so we brought lucas along for is first official shopping expedition all the way to woodlands. we had his diaper kit and milk kit in his faithful backpack. we grab the stuff at causway point and left within minutes.

i bought the collector's guide at the branch too. it cost $45 and the game at $89.

the guide contains a nice artwork in a sealed envelope.

the cover and the back are foil printed.

and too there's the artwork section.

but upon inspection of the game, there's a empty envelope which my "making of" blu-ray is missing. i ran thru the game disc, which is a normal copy of the game, i cant find any limited edition content. i checked the internet and indeed my copy is supposed to have an extra disc. i called comics connection, as it's the last piece there's really nothing much can be done now. they will call the supplier to check if they still have stock and will replace me a copy of the "making of" disc, if not they will give me a slight discount or i can exchange for another game.

pretty cockup for all the effort to get this limited edition, tho frankly i am comfortable with the normal version now.

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