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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

sembawang shopping centre purchases + Resi5 R3

visited SSC this afternoon while IP MAN was napping. until i buy Ip Man Buy-ray, Lucas adopts the moniker of Ip Man as he's punches and kicks are pretty pugilistic. we shopped at Daiso for $2 a pop goodies and i ravaged Comics Connection for Resi5 R3 and Fear2 guide. there's also Laser Flair but the layout and collection of blu-ray isnt as cool as the branch at J8. bought 2 little signs, one for the car and one for the door room. also bought a $2 metal ruler. while Pearlie White's floss sucks, i have to rebuy oralB's floss for my weakening jaw of teeth.

Resi5 R3 disc comes with a japanese cover in the flipside of the front cover. but it still is R3 not R2 logo for the region coding. notice the name of the game is Biohazard5 as it's called in Japan. will i sell off this copy when my R1 CE comes in then?

supe ponders .... have u overspent.

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