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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

surprise uniqlo tee and RE5 CE making of content

i was hoping my biohazard5 OST will come in the mail, but instead 2 packages for my wife. and she gave me one, it's a surprise Uniqko tee.

this is another designer tee, of key coffee in japan. uniqko branch will open soon in singapore. i dont look forward for any local collaboration.

RE5 CE making of disc content .... nothing interesting really.


Joshua said...

hey bro! could you do a review on the game? i'm pretty hyped up and interested in it now that you've been talking about it so much in your blog... =D might get the game! convince me!!!

sket said...

been pretty busy so my game time also limited. in short it's fast pace zombie, "u cant run and shoot" 3rd person co-op shooter. graphics not top notch but this gen. get the norm version, R3 plays same as R1. 8/10 for me .... it's like big names from last year like MGS4, or DMC4, the games u must play if u've been a console gamer, and i only started in 07.