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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

burnout paradise ultimate box + trivial pursuit

popped over to amk funzcentre to check if they do sell ps3 jewel cases. intended to grab a cheap or 2nd hand game and dispose the game and swap the jewel case. saw the nice red case for greatest hits. not many titles and they cost $49. then there's the silver opaque case for uk greatest hits. second hand games go as low as $25 but the condition of the case sucked. then there's rachet and clank game at $39. just as i was paying, crsytal told me the EA titles now are buy1 at $10 discount while buy2 at $30 discount. i picked up R3 burnout paradise ultimate box and R3 trivial pursuit instead.

i'm gonna leave the crack case alone. have swapped singstar abba case with prince of persia. sticked a tape over the cracked portion.

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