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Friday, August 31, 2007


we all live in lies .... lies told to us to cover the truth

sometimes it's better to know less .... pretend it's ok .... let it be .... everyone lives happier .... u do your part to make this world a happier place to be.

stuff from kino

i was furious to see such a inconsiderate act. from upstairs my house i saw the parking attendant walked passed. i went down and approached them if they had summon a fine to this vehicle, protuding and taking up a parking lot that make the ones and the side unusable due to it's size. they say they start their shift at 930pm. it was 915m when i spoke to them. fair enuff.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

bioshock accomplished

completed bioshock for xbox 360 in 3days gaming time. this game is region free so i bought the ntsc (us version) as the local version comes only in mid september.

by makers of system shock 2, its a game running on the genre of first person shooter / rpg. tho the game is cool in its own way, it never really touches the way it did back then when i played system shock 2. managed to clock 680 gamerscore.

am selling the game off to get some returns. low funds his month.

this mother n child cat looks on, and i got a parking summon fine of $50 parking in a season parking lot. so much for bioshock buying at toa payoh, pay extra ....

if we can reach heavens ....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

tokyo, lost in translation and free park

chia asked if i went for the cure concert. hwee boon did go. guess i should have tho i might have long stop listening to this band that lead me much into the indie music genre.

the little toyko guide i got, tho thin, brought me to places that i can potentially explore. and at 11pm while driving off from work, i made a reservation for "lost in translation" hd dvd at hmv .... and if i can get there b4 1130pm their closing time, i can have this disc 2nite.

and i did.

and i left the carinhill parking within grace period so i had a free park.

chee chong's brithday 2nite. 3 blokes came for some nite attachment on their own at satcc, hard working chaps. chee chong's offer of coffee should keep me awake 2nite for my new disc.

pic of anakin from crazytoyz0709's blog, taken w/o permission .... figure done by vansei, amazing detail.

saturday toy pics part2: asajj ventress

my wife was amazed by this figure when it was annouced by sideshow toys. due budget i had given up on this and choose leia in boushh. then boushh was released in US and it was review the head bing too big like a bobblehead. and the delay of shippment to singapore really puts me off .... xl-shop had this figure ready to ship when US had theirs.

then i came across a review by mctoys on asajj ventress .... how amazing it was .... so leai boushh idea was scrapped and will buy asajj ventress instead. and again xl-toys had this figure ready to ship when our local distributor got the news both leia n asajj will come in within 2 weeks.

a last min reservation at simply toys on the day of availablity .... on both figures .... at the shop with just 10mins to decide b4 i rush off to pick my wife, i decdied to grab both figures. guess no regrets, sideshow toys did another good job on both of them ....

saturday toys pics part1: misc

caught myself lurking b4 heading out for extra duty at work 2day .... little effort did for some pictures of my newer figures. would be greater if i have a little studio for pictures and stock up the collection .... til my new place is ready in end of 09 .... now let's makedo.

a han pose by beckham in bespin outfit. agan this is hot toys true-type ronze body outfitted with sideshow han bespin garb

leia's head not that big. a nice figure but prob outshined by our local simultaneous release with asajj ventress.

love this boushh helm .... too bad i dont have that exclusive blaster.

square camo snake holds additional weapons, a ak47 + a SVD, both weapons but hot toys and used in MGS3. 2nd edition snake with croc head.

missing is the extreme box snake n olive garb snake. where was i when MGS3 was big .... ok maybe never too late.

Friday, August 24, 2007

macdonalds free internet is too slow to blog

how fast can qmax served me in macdonalds? i munchd my big mac while the photos upload. a crazy shopping spree i had that shouldnt have occured, especially our tokyo trip is round the corner. my macbook keys wil smell of beef, lettuce n cheese.

the tour agent called me while i held on the steering wheel, ready to roll when the preceeding vehicle moves on in this annoying the traffic jam. my air tickets r ready 4 collection, she muttered. it's all jammy 2nite, the unleashed of humanoids on a friday night, everyone wants piece of town.

in order to blog in mac liang court, i bought a memstick reader to transfer my photos since i dont have my digicam cable. swallowed by the noise of conitnous chatter, i finished my dinner without any success in photo uploading into blogspot. SLOW.

hmv staff tld me jay chou's new cd from his new debut directed movie had sold out in singapore. no joy at gramophone either. my wife wanted this cd. this is my only failed mission .... but plenty of backlogged and impromtu purchases otherwise.

more mika nakashima, RAH220 V3 kamen rider at 1/8 scale [my all time fav kame rider], MGS carded figure [hurray]

my skeptisim of ballads has proven me wrong .... 10pm in the car home, mika nakashima proves smoothing .... a good album .... would love the jap press, mine is a local version.

v3 inside, 1/8 scale .... possibly tank hood size. my wife asked didnt i just sold one earlier? oh that was a RAH 12inch old type no1 kamen rider .... guess they all look a little the same. 1980 i was watching these boys fighting monsters after school at 3pm.

the push n pull affair .... in the end i bought both.

leia boushh inside.

assajj ventress inside. my wife tore her out of box in the car .... a figure she'd eyed on.

my long awaited milo [baby goriie] phone charm + other phone charms [not so charming] + memstick reader

figure king [flipped alittle at earth x], a tokyo mini guide, PSM october [my official allowable magazine]

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

1313 part2

start the ball rolling with japanese horror ???

1313 part2

true type bronze beckham conversion to han solo

went down to SA tours to secure my tokyo shopping trip our annual tour. this year my wife will spend her birthday at Ginza, at Chanel Tokyo, sipping a tea in the cafe, in the likes of uptown Japan. it'll be a great trip for me too, finally to pay homage to Bape Shop Gallery and plenty of toys places to hunt down. last round i was into medicom be@bricks n kubricks, cds etc .... this time it'll be expanded with 12inch figures, some electronic gaming goodness n bape hunt. we can smell the tokyo air already.

i carry my macbook with me almost daily. lats nite i had to check some info i could do it in the basement of heeren carpark. 2day it was suntec. with the free wireless internet .... i feel so connected. this macbook seems closer to me compared to my old ibook somehow.

got this from david123456 .... didnt know it comes with the box similar to the olive version. snake fever baby

shuan recommeded me to playpen toys at suntec. they opened only at 1230pm. nice fellows. i had initially booked a truetype bronze beckham via yahoo auctions. i had to back out the deal. i cam across the info of the official release of the black n bronze figure via . i saw the black version at heeren action city last night but no sight of bronze version. bought along a SVD for my 12inch snake. he had used the SVD against "the end". looks like my snakes are building up their arsenal.

simply toys had 10% off on top of the member's discount. most places had ran out of mace windu n obiwan sideshow. i settled for han bespin.

naked han says hi to naked beckham. i wonder if i should buy LA Galaxy's jersey with beckham 23 printed on the back.

here we have it han beckham. guess i made a good move. i was contemplating between jedi beckham or han beckham. as it's mostly sold out of jedis that i dont own, mace n obiwan namelyit was tough putting on the boots on bronze beckham. had to use a hair dryer to widen/loosen up the ankle portion to slip in the legs. i have quite a few jedi 12inch. having a han for a break is indeed a good choice.

Friday, August 17, 2007


300 blu-ray is out in HMV. i just received mine from amazon 2days ago. the HDDVD combo version has 4 features more than the blu-ray version and sells at $79 here. stuffs from hmv 2nite. i told my wife if i go hmv i might just spend $200. truly i did, i think it's crazy.

my car in lot 13.

dusk at bishan car park

Thursday, August 16, 2007

halloween is near

after a 7days delay my shipment of amason goodies finally came but with a failed delivery, my colleague who orders frequently from overseas also suffer the same fate, havin to go to the main post office branch at paya lebar to collect the items. with this logo i guess my items were inspected.

perhaps the inspection was due to the itme liste as "unknown".

300 blu-ray, shooter blu-ray n the limited edition metal gear solid 3 guide (already 2 year old book).

cd cover of halloween soundtrack from the movie directed by rob zombie.

another thig to look forward, rob zombie live album.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

seventh simon

a night to remember. the dullest shopping mall has it's treasures. my wife wanted to visit this jap cat bag store but apparently it's been closed for 2days already. the jap store to the right has her goodies of jap fabric bags n accessories. but the greatest find, hidden in a corner is 'ma maison japenese western restuarant'.

nice dim candlelite dinner, western food done in jap style. my wife had bolognese spaghetti, nice sweetish suace, i had beef omu butter rice. no drinks or wine but we went for deserts. mine was brownie with ice cream while my wife had a cheese cake.

at the entrance was a bucket of goodies. it was meant for families with children, every $10 spent u get $1 redeemable for the little jap toys. my wife wanted a water ballon but we didnt bring any children. the waitress later brought her a pink ballon which my wife had targeted all this while, so we celebrated her birthday early by 1 month.

payment after your dinner? please bring the key to the counter.

oh this place is at central (mall). it;s at level3 if i am not wrong, at the hidden corner where all the jap restuarants are. i parked at level 7, seventh, simon, my wife called out.

siamese raimese i met her at a bus stop along sin min yeserday when i sent my car to boon.

boon had repaired my bumper and he introduced me to man exhuast and i finnaly got my exhaust tip project completed. a little cut on the bumper with a new tip welded to the original.

Monday, August 13, 2007

thirteen thirteen

1313 .... number of the train (not beast)

more "upgrades" to the macworld for the zombie family 2day. bought the wireless mihty mouse for my wife. the bluetooth pairing works seamlessly.

with alittle research, this game seems suitable for the macbook with universal logo + specs with Intel Integrated GMA 950 graphics as ne of the supported chipset.

my wife's bruise update .... she'll go without bandage 2mrw to air this injury.

upcoming medicom stuff for star wars.