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Saturday, August 25, 2007

saturday toys pics part1: misc

caught myself lurking b4 heading out for extra duty at work 2day .... little effort did for some pictures of my newer figures. would be greater if i have a little studio for pictures and stock up the collection .... til my new place is ready in end of 09 .... now let's makedo.

a han pose by beckham in bespin outfit. agan this is hot toys true-type ronze body outfitted with sideshow han bespin garb

leia's head not that big. a nice figure but prob outshined by our local simultaneous release with asajj ventress.

love this boushh helm .... too bad i dont have that exclusive blaster.

square camo snake holds additional weapons, a ak47 + a SVD, both weapons but hot toys and used in MGS3. 2nd edition snake with croc head.

missing is the extreme box snake n olive garb snake. where was i when MGS3 was big .... ok maybe never too late.

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