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Thursday, August 09, 2007

the chips are down / again

finally sorted out my old P4 dell 3.2GHz laptop, it's moved out to the living room for my parents or the kids to use. my mom's first website was, her church's website. perhaps her first encounter with the mouse. my dad watches in awe.

starhub crawls 2nite. thomson plaza was emtpy. everyone's glued to the telly for the live broadcast of the NDP at marina. my trip to amk's laserflair was a mistake. i reversed my car into the pillar of a carpark lot in a mutli-storey carpark. part of my rear bodykit bumper had cracked. still it's better not to have reversed into another parked car. i should have been more careful, not my usual style NOT to checked the blind spots. but guessed i'm blind 2nite.

stuffs rom hmv. i know i shouldnt .... but the saints are down i needed to cheer up .... teahouse hk movie dvd / DOA code3 -- the crappy movie i had set out 2nite to hunt for it, should have go hmv straight, trusting my instincts, n i wouldnt have damaged my little faithful friend / nana -- jap movie hmv was playing .... looks interesting, i have grown to like hmv's taste, the last i bought off what the y were playing was "stranger than fiction" / seinfeld season 7, i am waiitng just for season 8 but this is the last season wtih larry david so i tot might as well / garbage's new compliation cd with bonus cd of mixes.

how to tell u are getting the non cola anything? look t the ingredients on the can, th one with caffiene on it is either cola or lemon cola. bingo.

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